A Pizza Topping You Can’t Order

Mat was feeling slutty. He had been feeling that way for a while and his need was boiling over in him. I should probably point out that I had (originally) no intention of letting him cum that day and he knew it.

Lunch was leftover pizza from the night before. Well brunch really. Actually I mean, despite the lateness of the hour, it was actually breakfast – but pizza for breakfast is good, right?

I’d heated it up in the oven and was offering Mat some but he was initially reluctant. Then he suggested (frivolously) he could spunk on a slice of seafood pizza and then eat it.

Oh, so much, yes.

I gave him a plate with the one remaining slice of seafood pizza (tuna, onion, prawns and double anchovies) and sat back with my own plate of pizza to watch the show.

Mat was feeling slutty. He was naked, wanking his cock and telling me his filthy fantasies. Expressing a desire to suck cock, to be spunked on and to have his virgin cunt raped by an enormous cock.

That fantasy wasn’t enough for him alone, he needed more. He requested permission to use a toy and I granted it. He fetched my big blue dildo and proceeded to fuck himself on it eagerly.

I watched, I ate pizza, I tweaked his nipples and slapped his balls and told him what a filthy slut he was. I enjoyed the show.

He came, like a good boy, on his slice of pizza and then, like a good boy, he ate it up. Grimacing in the aftermath, a pizza almost too salty even for my anchovy loving Boy.

A pizza with a topping you can’t order.

Suck It For Me

Suck ItI took my boy to a party. With a little help from my friends I had a surprise for him.

I had him stripped down to his panties, which I know makes him feel slutty. We let him know he would be performing for the camera. Then I ordered him to suck a man off, to give him pleasure and to put on a show for us all to watch.

It was indeed hot to watch. My Boy, my whore in training, doing as he was commanded. Giving pleasure, until he was left with a mouthful of spunk.
I was left with memories and photographs.

Medical Masturbation

Rob had signed up for a medical study on human sexuality. It didn’t sound too onerous at all. Spend a week staying in a medical research ward being looked after, fed and wanking occasionally. Best of all he would be paid for the privilege.

He arrived at the hospital early one morning. The nurse on duty at the reception desk was a pretty little blonde thing. Rob smiled at her warmly, he had no doubt that she would figure in his wanking fantasies that week. She gave him several forms to fill out, medical questionnaires and a consent form. He didn’t read too closely, merely signing and returning them with a flirtatious grin.
Then he was told to sit and wait for a while, until he was be called in to see the doctor running the study. Continue reading “Medical Masturbation”

Watching Her Pain

Matthew sat naked and cross-legged on cushions leaning against the wall. Rope bound him firmly in place but the ties were gentle and comfortable. He sat back and watched the two people in front of him.

Rowena knelt stiffly in the middle of the room, also naked, in front of Liam.
“Good girl”, he praised her.

Liam took her wrists and twisted rope around them. He bent her body across a bench and fastened her in place. Gently he began to spank her and slowly the tension went out of her body. Continue reading “Watching Her Pain”

You Are Well Used

A dark and dirty fantasy for my boy.

I am having a dinner party. My guests are carefully chosen, four men, four women. As they arrive you serve them drinks. You are naked, tonight you are here to be of service.

The round dinner table is laid for nine, it is glass and steel. When the food is ready I bid my guests take their places. Continue reading “You Are Well Used”

Coffee With A Colleague

Continued from: New Boy At School

Face scarlet with shame Paul sped down the school corridor hardly looking where he was going.
Suddenly he collided with a woman hurrying the other way sending the books and papers she was carrying flying in a sudden snowstorm.
“I’m so sorry” Paul was genuinely distraught as he bent to help gather up the scattered work. “It’s OK” she smiled at him again, “you’ve had a difficult day”.
Paul regarded the pretty smile of the youngest teacher he had met in the staff room warmly, despite remembering how hard she had spanked him earlier.
“Let me buy you coffee” he offered impulsively and was delighted when she agreed.
Papers gathered up, they walked outside together and with few words strolled down to the nearest coffee shop to the school. Not until both were settled at a quiet table with a latte and a cake did conversation resume. Continue reading “Coffee With A Colleague”

New Boy At School

Paul was both nervous and excited when he woke up. Never had the mere process of getting up, washing and getting dressed seemed so important. He looked at himself in the mirror as he brushed his short dark hair, he thought he looked smart enough for his first day. Still his hands were shaking as he tied his new tie. He was still nervous as he left the house.

When he arrived at school he was escorted to Miss Thompson, the headmistress’ office.
She was in her late fifties, a tall but solidly curl woman with permed grey hair and slightly old-fashioned glasses. She looked at him seriously over her spectacles.

“Paul, I’m delighted to see you are here punctually, I have great hopes that you will fit in well in our school. Now off you go to your classroom.”

Paul breathed a sigh of relief and leaving the office walked down the corridor towards the classrooms. He looked carefully at each door he passed until reading the name on one door he pushed it open and entered the classroom.

“Good morning class” he said brightly “I am Mr Evans, your new teacher”. Continue reading “New Boy At School”