A View Forward

Blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside in my life, but then to a lesser extent so has kink. I don’t recall the last play party I went to, and it’s been so long now that I would have to learn my party confidence all over again.

Still Mat and I maintain some level of domestic kink,which is delightful and has the advantage of being warm, convenient and not requiring me to wear uncomfortable shoes.

As ever, I’m not bored. My life has many strands of things I want to spend my time doing, interspersed with the things I have to spend my time doing. This coming year is going to be ‘interesting’ and I don’t yet know what that will mean for kink. Still I’m going to try to grab the opportunities I can find and have as much fun as I can even if I don’t have much to share here.

A Brief View

I seem hardly to have time for serious kink blogging these days but it’s not forgotten. Nor is the joy of it decreased. Still happy domesticity and a myriad of other projects take my time away both from here and also from the public play and photography that fuels this blog.

This coming year though I hope to find more time for those, to satisfy my Boy’s needs and my own desires. Perhaps too I will find time to muse on the complex peculiarities of our D/s relationship, which seems (in its own unique way) to meet our fluctuating needs.

In the meantime I can reflect that this last year has been full of love and happiness and that I am truly the luckiest of women. Happy New Year to you all.

A Familiar View

Writing something here is a yearly tradition but there is perhaps little to say. This year has brought little that is new, few startling revelations for me or for you readers. Yet I have relationships that flourish, I am loved and love in return. I even find I have a few people I can talk to, in the flesh so to speak, about my life, my loves and my kinks.

So perhaps all I can say here for now is that it is, what I wish for you all, a very happy new year.

The View Five Years On

Five years ago I started this blog. Five years, of ups and downs and surprises, five years of love, laughter and kink. Five years of writing, photographing, playing and discovering.

Maybe sometimes this year I’ve got a little busy and not written here as much as I would have liked. I know I haven’t found time to read as many other blogs as I would have liked. If you want me to come and read yours then add a comment here and I promise I’ll come and look at it.

Play has been patchy too but what we have had has been fun. There have been a few great opportunities for getting naked outside too.

This coming year, well it may well be the year my Boy gets to suck more cock, maybe even get fucked too (offers always welcome from polite but sexy gentlemen).

I have no idea what it will bring me – but then that was always the point. The view is still changing.


The View Doesn’t Change Much

When I try to look back at the past year of blogging it’s difficult to see much change from last year.

My relationships have continued, loving and special and I’m very lucky to be so loved. Perhaps though, quiet happiness is not the most interesting story (to anyone other than myself).

My kink has been fun and rewarding but far too often displaced by real life. I’ve not managed to get nearly the amount of rope work done that I had hoped; it’s been too long since I even picked up any.

This blog itself is still here. I’ve done some reviews, taken some photos, shared my thoughts and feelings. Even when it’s been difficult, I’ve kept this blog alive, making sure I wrote something regularly. I’ve been surprised by just how much the reviews are read, more popular even than nude photographs.

Still, this blog helps me keep track of my kink successes, lets me share my Boy’s delightful antics and reminds me to keep that part of my life in focus.
Let’s see what this year brings.

The View As I See It

As the year rolls around and the anniversary of my blog arrives I find myself taking stock of where I am and how well I have met my goals for the year.

My relationship with Mat has grown stronger and deeper and I feel so much more secure in it than I did a year ago.
My relationship with Perrin is happier and more relaxed and he is still so very loved and special to me.
As a Domme I have had some wonderful fun, including arranging a very special birthday surprise for my Boy. I have learnt a great deal and have enjoyed chronicling it (and photographing it) in these pages.
My submissive side has been largely put on hold but the occasional fantasy lets me know it is still there in some fashion.

For next year, my desire is to continue on this journey and see where it takes me. To continue to meet and get to know interesting people, to learn more rope (and get more practice) and to have fun with the people I love most.

2012 was awesome. Here’s to an even better 2013 for all of us.