Rowena arrived home from work to find her husband already waiting for her. He opened the front door for her, and after a welcoming kiss, ushered her into the house.

“Come with me” Bryan instructed.
She protested that there were things to do, but Bryan was adamant.
“I’ve ordered pizza, and before it arrives I want to have some fun.”

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Decent Proposal

“What would you say if I were to offer you one million pounds for one night with your wife.”

We were staying at the hotel for my Caitlin’s birthday. It was an expensive hotel, more than we could really afford, but it was a special occasion.

We’d been out for dinner, and were dressed accordingly. Myself in a black velvet frock coat, Caitlin in a long black dress, slit high up the side, with a low cut back. She looked stunning! I was looking forward to getting her up to our room, where much fun was to be had.

We had stopped for a drink at the bar before going up to our room, when a handsome man approached us. He asked if he could join us, but his eyes were on Caitlin. Asking whether we wanted another drink, he waved a barman over and surprised us by ordering a bottle of Krug.

Our conversation ebbed and flowed, but as time passed, he flirted more and more with Caitlin. She blushed and smiled at the flattery, and his interest.

After a long pause in the conversation, he leans in towards us.

“What would you say if I were to offer you one million pounds for one night with your wife.”

Caitlin and I glanced briefly at each other.

“Sure, if she likes.” I look over, she smiles and nods at me. “I know,” I say, “For a million, make it two. A cheque is fine.”

Slightly startled, the man draws out his cheque book, as Caitlin moves to sit on his lap. After he has written out the cheque, she gives him a long slow kiss. “Lets go to your room.” she says.

I watch them depart, leaving the half finished champagne on the bar. As I top up my glass, I feel an arm around my waist. “Hello, Amy.” I say, “There’s been a change of plan…”

I take Amy up to our room, with the rest of the bottle.

Being poly takes a lot of tension out of things, doesn’t it? I love it!

Muffins and More

Perrin brought me breakfast in bed this morning. My absolute favourite breakfast, cheese and bacon muffins (with chive butter). That’s only part of what has made today such a great day for me.

First, some history. We’ve said we are open to playing with others. Well some time ago each of us found a special person to play with. More than just someone to have sex with, these were people we cared for and about. People we wanted to be ‘more than friends’. Any jealousy we might have had about this opening of our hearts to others was automatically offset by the sheer symmetry of it. You love her? Well I love him. Simple.

Life is never that simple. My relationship crumbled. I had hoped to salvage something meaningful from it, but have been dodging the inescapable truth. He’s just not that into me. We may be friends, but we’re not Friends. End of.

But learning that hurts. And in the process I have become fragile, vulnerable, and uncertain. I’ve struggled to write here, finding it hard to find my sexy side. I don’t want to be like that!

So here I am, being brought breakfast in bed. I’m loved, wanted, I’m happy.

Then a switchback; while making my breakfast Perrin has been chatting on twitter, a sexy fun conversation, with another woman. I find this upsetting, which is ridiculous. Objectively, nothing gives me cause for concern.  But I’m unhappy. I’m envious, that he has women to talk to, while I feel alone. No one talks to me that way.

So here is the bit where my husband really loves me. He messages someone who I’d pointed out as interesting, to encourage them to talk to me. Then he makes love to me, and gives me a delightful orgasm, before going away to leave me to chat ‘freely’ with them.

I felt a little out of my depth here, I’d never had that kind of conversation on twitter before. Hey, I’m not sure I’ve ever had that kind of conversation. I did all my dating before mobile phones. you can’t talk dirty on a phone screwed to the wall. As I lay there, I realised how excited I was by this, talking dirty with a relative stranger. I relaxed into it, and let his images carry me away, secure in the knowledge that Perrin wanted me to enjoy this moment. Suddenly there I was, cumming, for the second time that day, this time for another man.

That moment buoyed me up, let me feel truly sexy again. I have been smiling all day. A smile only made wider when my sexy husband made love to me yet again earlier, and gave me my third orgasm of the day. Me, who usually struggles to have one!

I feel like myself again, for the first time in ages. It’s a good feeling.

Thank You Note

After all, politeness is important, even in fantasy.

It was an important meeting. She carried a briefcase and an overnight bag to the car, and kissed her husband goodbye. His hand trailed over her breasts, and she flushed slightly as she waved him goodbye, remembering the previous evening. He had found the sharpie in her briefcase, and had written on her breasts and pussy, before making love to her. The words were there still, concealed under her smart suit. She shook her head as if to clear it, she had a busy day ahead of her.

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