HNT – Rope Straitjacket

Rope StraitjacketMat is very lucky to have a latex straitjacket but it is very heavy and bulky to transport and very warm to wear. This means that is not ideal for Summer play and even in the Winter is best worn at the end of an evening so as not to leave him hot and bothered in the wrong way. So when planning to take him out for a recent play session I decided against using it. Still I wondered, could one make a lighter version out of rope? Apparently yes, I could.
Thanks to Raven Imaging for the photographs.

Happy HNT!

Playing Again – Rubber

A last highlight of our evening out playing.

It’s Mat’s rubber straitjacket and he won it; but I adore it. It’s shiny and red (how nice to have fetish wear that isn’t black) and feels and looks beautiful. I love how contented and happy Mat looks when he wears it. He loves the big silly grin on my face when he does.

I’ve never been into rubber before. The first time I saw any ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, was some rather miserable, dusty looking pants hanging up in the back of an Ann Summers shop many years ago. That sight was enough to put me off entirely until very recently. The straitjacket has changed my mind entirely; so much so that I may one day even buy some rubber of my very own – any suggestions or advice welcome.

Mat’s not worn the straitjacket in, oh far too long, and I was eager to show him off in it. I’d deliberately waited until quite late in the evening because I knew how hot it would make him but it was worth the wait. He looked beautiful. I paraded him around a bit and then took advantage of his helplessness to give him a paddling with my new leather/fluffy paddle.

A wonderful evening all together. Happy, happy Domme.