Hurting Him

I finally got to start exploring my domme side, moving it from fantasy to reality.

Let’s call him Mat. He’d been pushing all day. A persistent cheekiness I recognised as an attempt to see how far he could push me, and whether I’d push back. I don’t really like being manipulated like that (even though it was done in a humorously mischievous and lovably forgivable way), and I think in future my response should be slightly different, but on this occasion I knew it was time to give him what he had been so obliquely asking for.

I had him kneel naked at my feet, and felt a sudden awareness of my power as he did so. As I held him there, I hesitated momentarily, wondering if I dared cross that invisible line, to raise my hand to him at last.

I ordered him over my knee then, the sofa long enough to hold him comfortably, and began to spank him. His bottom glowed a rosy red, and the gentle stinging of my hand kept me conscious of what I was doing to him. An intimate and gentle beginning.

Later he pushed again, this time I used the riding crop on him. Delighting in the lines it left on his buttocks. Watching his face buried in my pillow as his hips moved in response to each stroke. He was almost silent, with only the slightest of whimpers. My very good little boy.

What did it feel like?

I hurt him. Knowing what I was doing. Deliberately. Wanting his pain. And he accepted it. Enduring each stroke. Submissive. And he made it something beautiful. In that moment I became his. His Domme. And he became so much more to me than I can begin to describe.

An incredibly special moment.

Your Pet

I don’t normally write age play, but this just seemed to fit.

Rowena looked down at her puppy Matthew sitting at her feet. She smiled and patted his head. He looked up adoringly at her.

“Good boy” she praised him, “now lets play”.

She walked to the other side of the room and called to him.

“Here Matthew, come here” she bent down holding out her arms.

Matthew bounded across the room to her on all fours. She hugged his naked body with delight, and he wriggled against her with puppyish excitement.

“Chase me” she ordered, letting go of him and climbing onto the sofa.

Matthew followed her onto the furniture. Putting eager puppy paws on her shoulders he pushed her down and began to lick her face. Rowena giggled and squirmed.

The door opened and Bryan walked in. He took one look at the two of them sprawled on the sofa.

“Rowena” he roared, “What did I tell you about your pet?”

Rowena looked crestfallen. “Not on the sofa, Daddy” she said quietly.

“Well?” he replied watching her.

She sat up, and hugged Matthew. She pointed to the floor.

“Down” she told him, “Sit”.

Matthew climbed off the sofa and assumed a puppy posture on the floor. Rowena climbed down too, and hugged him tightly arms around his neck.

“Please be good” she whispered, “or I’ll be in more trouble”.

Bryan walked across to them and sat down on the sofa.

“Now come here” he told Rowena. She came and stood go front of him looking slightly defiant.

“I told you, that you were responsible for looking after your pet, didn’t I?” he asked her. She nodded sulkily. He looked at her and waited for an answer.

“Yes, Daddy” she admitted finally.

“Then you need to be punished” he told her firmly, patting his lap in a gesture which she understood all too well.

She lay herself over his lap. Bryan lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down to her thighs, Rowena buried her head into the sofa.

Smack. Bryan’s hand came down firmly on Rowena’s bottom and she yelped. He began spanking her firmly, one hand holding the small of her back as she earnestly wriggled to get away.

“Please, Daddy, stop. I’ll be good” she begged. Her bottom was glowing red under his hand. When she started sobbing he finally relented. Watching her as she lay meekly over his lap for a moment.

“Stand up” he told her.

She struggled to her feet, and he turned her away from him, tucking her skirt into her waistband, leaving her bottom exposed. He told her to go and stand go the corner. She started walking, her hands reaching to adjust her panties, still around her thighs.

“Leave your panties where they are” he warned her. She shuffled awkwardly across the room. Her bottom on display, her face to the wall.

Bryan turned to Matthew still sitting patiently on the floor. He gestured to him, indicating that he might go to the woman standing in the corner.

Matthew released, crawled across the room, a curious puppy. He pushed his nose eagerly against Rowena’s bottom.

She felt him nuzzling her, but was not allowed to speak, she knew. She shifted her stance slightly parting her thighs a little, pushing her sore bottom towards him slightly.

Matthew sniffed, inhaling her sex. His tongue began to explore as best it could the folds of her, tasting her dampness, and feeling her twist slightly in response.

Rowena moaned softly. Corner time had never been so delightful or frustrating.

“You may come out now”, Bryan told her finally, and she turned gratefully.

She crouched down to hug her devoted puppy, and looked across the room, uncertain whether to hump her darling puppy or beg for Daddy’s cock…

An Evening

After dinner, we talked, cuddled, chilled. Then he turned to me, “Take your clothes off”.
The tone told me he was serious. I stood up and slipped off my skirt, followed rapidly by the rest of my clothes. Practicality attempted to rear its head.

“I need the toilet” I pointed out, reasonably.

“Perhaps” he said evilly. He turned and left the room, I heard distant noises as he went to a cupboard, and returned with a large plastic bowl which he placed on the floor. I regarded it in horror.

“You can use that” he commanded.

I knew better than to try to argue. I went and squatted awkwardly over the bowl feeling horribly self-conscious and attempted to perform. I closed my eyes as I sought to relax my muscles.

“Look at me” he demanded.

I opened my eyes and gazed at him, as I tried to concentrate on my body my eyes dropped. Again he insisted on my attention. Finally, my eyes fixed on his, my body cooperated and I felt the relief as my bladder emptied. He handed me paper to wipe with. I did so, feeling more humiliated by his regard than ever.

After clearing it away, I was sent upstairs to the bedroom where he soon followed me.
With twisted humour he sent me back downstairs again to fetch two pegs. I returned, all too full of foreboding.

He ordered me onto all fours, and proceeded to attach the pegs to my nipples. They were mercifully gentle, but I knew more was to come.  He proceeded to spank me. His hand setting up an insistent rhythm. I let it take me away, living in the moment. As I struggled with the pain I sagged under the blows.

“Tell me when you’ve had enough of my hand” he insisted in a tone which left me sure worse was to follow. I debated internally how much bravery to show.

“I’ve had enough” I admitted.

He fetched the crop then, and told me there would be ten strokes, I was to be in the same position for each one.  He began then, in a steady rhythm, not too fast. Each stroke, with power behind it, first on the left, and then the right. That made it easier to take, and I held firm for several strokes before collapsing downwards.

Breathing hard, I was aware of him waiting patiently above me.  I could delay the remaining strokes indefinitely, all I had to do was lie still.  I wondered briefly if I could avoid the remaining strokes entirely by refusing to resume my position. Even as I thought it, I realised how much I would hate such an outcome.

I forced myself back onto my hands and knees, eager to complete this challenge. The last few strokes were delivered evenly. I felt the burning in my bottom, and wondered what more was in store.

He pushed me down now, so I lay on my front.
He moved behind me, forcing my legs apart, and kneeling between them. His hand ran up my thigh, his fingers swirling in the dampness between them. I shuddered at his touch, knowing he could tell how turned on I was by everything he had done.

I felt his cock then, pushing into my pussy. His body over mine pressing against the soreness in my bottom.

“Push your ass up to me” he ordered.

As I did so, I felt him go deeper, and I cried out helplessly at the total penetration. His pounding intensified, and I struggled to hold position. I felt his urgency, and pushed back eagerly until I felt him cum inside me, crying out with his pleasure.

I collapsed downwards now. Him lying on me, sated.

Then he withdrew, and lifted his weight off me. His hand snaked between my legs, as I lay there, with such little touches needed until I too was crying out with delight.

Our needs met, we snuggled together, and settled down to sleep.

Snow Again

The snow came down yesterday. We spent all day inside drinking mulled wine and watching it fall.

In the evening Perrin and I had a talk, about kink and what we were doing. We’ve come a long way from our first playing in the snow a year ago, when I learned what a terrible thing it could be.

Then he put me over his knee and spanked me. It was the best kind of spanking, with his hand on my back holding me in place, and me wriggling and kicking. It went on and on, until I wondered how much more his hand could take.

I’m a cheeky girl.

When he’d finished, Perrin told me to stand up,  naked from the waist down, and getting me to place my hands on my bottom, asked me how it felt.

“Hot and Sore” I admitted.

“I can help with that” he smirked.

I knew instantly what he was implying. We went around to the back door, and he opened it up, pushing snow before it as it opened. Then he told me to sit down in the snow.

I did so obediently. The first touch of snow was cold but soft, not unpleasant at all. Within seconds though the cold was burning, unbearable. After the longest few moments, Perrin helped me to my feet, and let me return indoors.

Then we went upstairs to make love. I begged for his cock, and he asked me why I deserved such a thing.

“I’m a good girl, I sat straight down in the snow for you”

“That’s not good, that’s obedient” he told me, “good, would be asking to sit in the snow for me” he challenged.

I did say he was cruel. I hate being cold.

Still as we made love, I suggested bravely that he could fetch snow from outside the window. His mind worked on the possibilities, until a completely new idea occurred to him.

He fetched some snow from the windowsill and pushed it into my pussy, pounding it deeper with his cock. As it melted the water trickled out, drenching us both.

A second time, he went to the window, and I waited legs spread wide. He brought snow, and I felt the cold deep inside me. The cold of the snow and the heat of his cock moved me so much that I found myself coming, lost in the deliciously altered sensation. Another few moments and Perrin came too, another source of warmth.

Suddenly snow doesn’t seem so bad.

The Dressing Gown

You’d been in your dressing gown all day.

As we sat on the sofa, finishing off our wine, the dressing gown had slipped off your shoulders, revealing smooth skin, your silver collar and the swell of your breasts. Your nipples were just out of sight, tantalisingly close to my gaze.

As you lean forward to put you goblet down. The dressing gown gapes open to reveal a breast, smooth and soft. I cannot resist.

You look momentarily startled as I push you sideways onto the sofa. You see the lust in my eyes, and help me move your legs up onto the sofa, so you are lying along it. I push your legs up displaying your naked bald pussy to me.

“Naughty girl”, I say. You look at me questioningly. “You have spent all day in your dressing gown, not bothering to dress, or even brush your hair.” You look at me fearfully, resigned to the punishment that is to come.

You gasp as my hand strikes hard across your exposed pussy. Lying on your back, with me holding your legs straight up, your pussy lips are exposed to me hand. I slap you hard across your arse, twice, alternating cheeks, then again in the middle, across both cheeks and your pussy. I can see your clit swelling as your arousal builds.

I continue my assault on your exposed backside, and you scream as I again hit your pussy with the palm of my hand. I stop, listening to your ragged breathing as you try to take in what is happening to you. I push my fingers deep into your pussy and you gasp again at the welcome intrusion.

You are dripping wet and ready for me.

I stand up, and pull off my top throwing it over your face and head. You know better than to try and move it. I take off my trousers and pants, and move between your legs. You part them, eager for my cock.

I frown, your breasts have hidden themselves underneath your dressing gown. That will not do. I reach down, and, gripping your dressing gown, I rip it open, snapping the inner tie holding it closed. You jump at the sound, but then I am on you, cock deep in your pussy. You take me easily, so aroused and turned on that you are.I fuck you hard and fast, holding your hands above your head, pinning you down.

You try to catch your breath as I stop briefly, but it just to rearrange you. You groan as I push your legs up to your chest, knowing the deep fucking that is to come. I do not disappoint, pounding into your abused pussy, my heavy balls slapping against you as I take my pleasure. You writhe and squirm, tossing your head from side to side as I fuck you hard and deep. I can see you are ready.

I let your legs down, moving my top, so you can see me again. I lie down, pressing against your breasts, and you reach round to hold me there, thrusting your tongue into my mouth, your thoughts full of need. I start moving again, my thrusts slightly more measured, rubbing your clit as I more in and out, pushing you closer. You detect my movements becoming less controlled as I near my orgasm. In pace with me, you cry out your orgasm as my cock spurts my come deep into you.

“I take it you enjoyed that.” I say smiling down at you. You can only blink and stare as your orgasm subsides.