Enjoying The Snow (And My Bitch)

Scooped SnowIt was a weekend that started early, when we were sent home from work by the snow. My boy was there, eager, slutty, ready to play. I teased him gently, wanking his cock, enjoying his mood and not wanting to end it too soon. I didn’t intend for him to cum just yet.  While we played the snow still fell outside.

Our teasing play continued into Saturday and with it came further fantasies and plans. When Mat came, when I finally let him cum, I was going to catch his spunk in my hand and feed it to him. I dragged my hand across his mouth for illustration and he lapped eagerly at it.

The tension built around us, desire and frustration pouring through us. I fucked him with a glass toy and then with my strap-on, still building our fantasies. When he came, after he came, I was going to rape him. I was going to fuck him with my big blue strap-on until it hurt, until he cried out in pain. I still didn’t let him cum.
I lay back on the bed and wanked myself, my head full of our fantasies, I came hard and quickly. He looked on, seeing how much I enjoyed that fantasy. He knew his fate was sealed.

On Sunday, I sent him to get smooth. To prepare his body for me, to prepare his boy-cunt, making it look inviting and eager. I inspected his handiwork, loving the feel of his naked flesh under my hands. Desire flooded through us and we clung closely to each other. Still he had not cum and I would make him wait a little longer.
We went out together, into the snowy world, to meet friends. Under his clothes he wore pink panties. He was my bitch and he would remember it. I had tucked my strap-on into my hand bag although I didn’t know if I’d get a chance to use it.

On our way home we pulled over into a lay-by. He stripped off to show me the panties he wore, pushing the car seat back to lie there, my slut, full of desire. I stroked his hard cock and tweaked his nipples. The car was almost too hot, the heating turned up full. I thought of the cold outside. I opened the car door and reached down to the untrodden snow outside. I scooped up a handful and scattered it over my boy’s naked body then played with his cock as he rubbed the snow over his chest.
Again and again I fetched handfuls of snow until his torso was soaking wet. Each fresh handful brought gasps of pleasure and pain as I scattered it over his body and rubbed it against him until it melted.
I let Mat wank his cock as I brought yet more snow in, until he came suddenly, almost without warning, into my cold and waiting hand. True to my word, I smeared his spunk into his mouth and he licked it up.

Then I turned, and pulled my strap-on from my bag. I strapped it on quickly and he turned and knelt on the seat. I came and knelt behind him. I forced my cock into him and pounded him as he whimpered, my brave, beautiful bitch, taking what was given.

I watched the lights of the cars as they drove past us and wondered what the drivers would have thought if they knew what was going on in the lay-by as they passed. My boy and I were together, our weekend completed with a promise kept. My bitch put in his place, owned and loved.
We were very happy with the snow.

Indian Summer

My dungeon’s walls are the trees and the sky, and it is lit by the full moon. What a beautiful place to play.

This summer has been rich and delightful; full of a renewed acquaintance with nature and fun that I thought I had lost long ago. In this last week I have gratefully squeezed every drop of enjoyment from its unexpected reprise.

Mat and I have certainly taken full advantage of the recent summery weather.
We have lain in the fields naked in the dark. I have delivered a delightful spanking, the sound of which echoed beautifully from the trees. I have fucked my boy with my strap on in the open air. We have made love under the stars.

There is a passion, an intensity, in being outdoors with my boy. A sense of freedom, of joy, of shameless pleasure.
Now it’s time to start thinking how we can play in the cold. I think I might be looking forward to snow.

Photography – Snow & Scarf

So, there’s been a heavy snowfall, its night time, and the temperature is below -10 °C. What to do?

Ahh, of course! Dress Caitlin in very little, sneak out to a snowy bank (hoping that the dog walkers are staying inside) and take some photographs!

Caitlin has a number of pretty scarves, and I’d previously determined that she looked pretty damned hot wearing them as a sort of halter top. I’m sure you will agree:

Remarkably Practical...

Feeling bolder, we tried a number of poses:

But in the end, the scarf had to go!

Is it cold out?
Snow is good for the skin, right?

All in all, a fun, if chilly half hour in the snow. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought!

Snow Again

The snow came down yesterday. We spent all day inside drinking mulled wine and watching it fall.

In the evening Perrin and I had a talk, about kink and what we were doing. We’ve come a long way from our first playing in the snow a year ago, when I learned what a terrible thing it could be.

Then he put me over his knee and spanked me. It was the best kind of spanking, with his hand on my back holding me in place, and me wriggling and kicking. It went on and on, until I wondered how much more his hand could take.

I’m a cheeky girl.

When he’d finished, Perrin told me to stand up,  naked from the waist down, and getting me to place my hands on my bottom, asked me how it felt.

“Hot and Sore” I admitted.

“I can help with that” he smirked.

I knew instantly what he was implying. We went around to the back door, and he opened it up, pushing snow before it as it opened. Then he told me to sit down in the snow.

I did so obediently. The first touch of snow was cold but soft, not unpleasant at all. Within seconds though the cold was burning, unbearable. After the longest few moments, Perrin helped me to my feet, and let me return indoors.

Then we went upstairs to make love. I begged for his cock, and he asked me why I deserved such a thing.

“I’m a good girl, I sat straight down in the snow for you”

“That’s not good, that’s obedient” he told me, “good, would be asking to sit in the snow for me” he challenged.

I did say he was cruel. I hate being cold.

Still as we made love, I suggested bravely that he could fetch snow from outside the window. His mind worked on the possibilities, until a completely new idea occurred to him.

He fetched some snow from the windowsill and pushed it into my pussy, pounding it deeper with his cock. As it melted the water trickled out, drenching us both.

A second time, he went to the window, and I waited legs spread wide. He brought snow, and I felt the cold deep inside me. The cold of the snow and the heat of his cock moved me so much that I found myself coming, lost in the deliciously altered sensation. Another few moments and Perrin came too, another source of warmth.

Suddenly snow doesn’t seem so bad.

HNT – Playing in the snow

Caitlin was complaining about how I never took photographs of her nude anymore.

If you’ve read the first few posts, you’ll understand how our love life had taken rather a nosedive, and this was linked to it. Its hard to think creatively about someone you admire, if they are not responding to your advances. Certainly for me, for my wife.

Happily this has recently changed, and she’s much more the woman I fell in lust with (and love, but that never went away).

So to celebrate HNT and our rediscovered feelings, I told her to roll in the snow while I took some photographs.


Caitlin in the snow
Caitlin in the snow