Parent’s Evening

I decided to enter a story writing competition. Stories had to be school themed erotica but had, according to the rules, to not contain any ‘illegal acts’. Well I’m not sure what jurisdiction they were considering and I’m not a lawyer but here’s the story I wrote.

Pete’s daughter Sarah had come home from school with a letter. With a deep sigh he read it carefully, parent’s evening had come round again. It wasn’t called parents evening of course; instead the letter explained how it was about having a one to one with your child’s form teacher, getting to know how your child was getting on and discussing the work being done that term. Ever a dutiful parent, he filled in the form requesting an appointment and slipped it back into his daughter’s book bag. Continue reading “Parent’s Evening”

A Home Visit

Started in: New Boy At School
Continued from: Coffee With A Colleague

Paul and Emily parted company in the staff car park, by an almost unspoken agreement coffee was postponed. Paul wondered if it was actually cancelled, after what she had seen, he blushed at the memory, he was sure she wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him again.

Paul went home, he took a long, steamy shower and got into comfy clothes. He lounged on the sofa and replayed the scene in the headmistress’ office. The whipping, being forced to make himself come in front of both her and Emily. He shuddered with shame but his trousers were tented with an opinion of their own. Continue reading “A Home Visit”

Coffee With A Colleague

Continued from: New Boy At School

Face scarlet with shame Paul sped down the school corridor hardly looking where he was going.
Suddenly he collided with a woman hurrying the other way sending the books and papers she was carrying flying in a sudden snowstorm.
“I’m so sorry” Paul was genuinely distraught as he bent to help gather up the scattered work. “It’s OK” she smiled at him again, “you’ve had a difficult day”.
Paul regarded the pretty smile of the youngest teacher he had met in the staff room warmly, despite remembering how hard she had spanked him earlier.
“Let me buy you coffee” he offered impulsively and was delighted when she agreed.
Papers gathered up, they walked outside together and with few words strolled down to the nearest coffee shop to the school. Not until both were settled at a quiet table with a latte and a cake did conversation resume. Continue reading “Coffee With A Colleague”

New Boy At School

Paul was both nervous and excited when he woke up. Never had the mere process of getting up, washing and getting dressed seemed so important. He looked at himself in the mirror as he brushed his short dark hair, he thought he looked smart enough for his first day. Still his hands were shaking as he tied his new tie. He was still nervous as he left the house.

When he arrived at school he was escorted to Miss Thompson, the headmistress’ office.
She was in her late fifties, a tall but solidly curl woman with permed grey hair and slightly old-fashioned glasses. She looked at him seriously over her spectacles.

“Paul, I’m delighted to see you are here punctually, I have great hopes that you will fit in well in our school. Now off you go to your classroom.”

Paul breathed a sigh of relief and leaving the office walked down the corridor towards the classrooms. He looked carefully at each door he passed until reading the name on one door he pushed it open and entered the classroom.

“Good morning class” he said brightly “I am Mr Evans, your new teacher”. Continue reading “New Boy At School”