Hotel Thoughts

I’m in bed; a large bed with crisp white sheets. A hotel room bed…

…I hear gentle breathing and I look down to see my Boy curled up on the floor beside the bed. He is lying on his side, his knees slightly drawn towards his body. His feet are tied together and the rope loops up to his wrists tied behind his back from there it runs to the bed where I am holding it firmly. I can tug it and he reacts to the movement of his bonds.
Looking down I can see his cock, hard and proud, as he lies there in my rope. It is mine to demand when I wish it. He belongs to me.
For now though I will keep tight hold of the rope and drift back to sleep.
My Boy is beside me…

…I am a happy Mistress.

I Need To Tie My Boy

RopeMat recently showed me a blog post. Beautifully written, it described how wonderful it felt to tie someone up. Oh, how well I know that feeling.
In fact it described how amazing it felt to tie him up. Oh, how very well indeed do I know that feeling.

Yet despite that, despite my love and longing for those moments it’s something I do very rarely and I found myself thinking about why that is. The reasons are these:

  • Lack of time. To tie my Boy needs a couple of hours without distractions or disturbances. It’s not something you can easily even stop to answer the door. Those hours are hard to find. It means not doing something else. If I tie him up then we won’t have time to catch up on that latest episode of ‘Scott and Bailey’ and I know he’s been waiting for us to have the time to watch it.
  • Lack of confidence. I’m not yet good enough, I don’t captivate him. I’m not the easy confident rigger he desires. Things go wrong and he isn’t comfortable with it. He loses focus, starts commenting and criticising and my confidence dips still further. I become more hesitant and the problem increases.
  • Fear of rejection. I want to suggest it but I know he’ll probably say ‘no’. Now’s not the time,he’s tired, we’re too busy, can we watch ‘Scott and Bailey’ instead? Each of those rejections cuts me, this is something I want, need, so much. It seems less painful to stay quiet and simply imagine the rope twisting through my hands.

But I want and need so much more than that.

So I’m going to do one thing to try to fix this. I’m going to demand some time from my Boy. A specific couple of hours, for me, to do what I need. I’ll blindfold him or gag him if I need to; but I need his body, relatively willing, for me to experiment on.

It may not be exactly what he wants, but it will be what I need. Time to play, with no need to meet anyone’s standards but my own. Time to experiment, to make mistakes but most of all to take pleasure in the rope and in my Boy.

And when he says ‘yes’, I’m going to make sure I keep asking and making that time until I can be the rigger (and Domme) he needs as much as the one I want to be.

Rope And Steel

Rope and SteelD/s has been struggling to find space in my life recently. Of course there are the little rituals that keep our lives ticking over but some things have been missing…and missed. As they become less common the confidence to even try to find them suffers and so begins a vicious spiral.

What a welcome relief then to get away from the limitations of ordinary, everyday life for a little while and have a break. New surroundings and a lack of routine are both things that seem to open up the space for play.

I would have said we were tired, that we needed sleep but when Mat lay back across the bed, naked, just inviting me to play with his body I could hardly resist. I took my dagger and ran it lightly across his body; threatening and gentle. I used the flat of it to tap his balls and I pressed the point of it into his skin until it left a mark. with my hands I stroked his face and tweaked his nipples. I wanked his cock and watched him gasp but I held back from giving him too much pleasure.

After all, we did need to sleep. I took rope and tied it around the base of his cock and then pulling it back between his legs I settled down to sleep still holding and tugging my Boy.

Waking, holding the rope, in the early light was a delight. A pleasure too long missed. My Boy and I, for once, awake together.

I couldn’t resist playing with his body and began to wank him again. I took up my dagger and laid it across his throat with one hand as I pulled him to the edge of orgasm with the other. I let it fade and then enjoyed bringing him to the point of no return. My good Boy, steel across his throat as he bucked in helpless pleasure.

For those precious hours he was my Boy and I was his Domme. Perfect, happy and complete; with rope and steel.


Warming His Cock

Deep HeatIronically, the Deep Heat had been bought originally to torture my Boy. On that occasion it had been unneeded and so it had made its way unopened into the medicine cabinet. Now it found its way out to be used to bring relief to Mat’s aching back.

While I had him lying still, I trailed my slightly contaminated fingers over his cock and watched his reactions blossom. This was clearly an avenue that needed pursuing.

“I want to be tortured by you” he whispered softly. A request no loving Domme could ignore.

Later on, we made the time to play. I took rope (for the first time in, oh, far too long) and wrapped it around his wrists. Pulling them then behind his head and taking the rope around his arms I made sure he knew that he would be lying back, unable to interfere with my pleasure. Once he had lain back with a pillow tucked under his head to ensure his comfort I fastened the end of the rope to the bed. He wasn’t going anywhere.

I opened the tube of deep heat and smeared the merest dab on the head of his cock. He complained he could hardly feel it. I grinned, I hadn’t even got started yet. I took my time, applying the cream to different areas of his cock, watching his reactions, asking for feedback; warming him up gently. His cock was hard, this was pleasure interspersed with pain.

I was aware of just how turned on I was. Enjoying the irony that Mat’s cock was something I simply couldn’t have for now. Still I had something better than sex at that moment.

I continued to torture his cock. Wrapping ribbon tightly around his balls to heighten his sensations I moved to slapping them gently while my hand continued to stroke his gently burning cock. As always, the noises my Boy makes while being tortured drove me on. I was in no hurry.

Still finally, he told me how ready he was.
“If you want me to cum”, he said,”you’re going to need to hit me harder and use a lot more deep heat”.
How could I refuse. With a fresh application of cream I continued my ministrations. I knew he hadn’t thought this through. With a deep sense of evil delight I knew this was going to hurt. So soon, he was gasping harder, and his head tipped back.
“May I cum?” his simple question.
“Oh, yes”, I breathed as I stroked him and watched his body convulse and his spunk shoot into the air.

“It’s burning, it’s burning” as his pleasure subsided the pain kicked in.
“Oh god, it hurts” he moaned. Still helpless, he whimpered in the aftermath of orgasm. This was the pain I had been saving up for him. This was my rush of pleasure.

Gently now, I untied him and held him, comforting, loving my brave Boy who had taken the torture for me and loved me still. How warmly I loved him in that moment.

HNT – Rope Straitjacket

Rope StraitjacketMat is very lucky to have a latex straitjacket but it is very heavy and bulky to transport and very warm to wear. This means that is not ideal for Summer play and even in the Winter is best worn at the end of an evening so as not to leave him hot and bothered in the wrong way. So when planning to take him out for a recent play session I decided against using it. Still I wondered, could one make a lighter version out of rope? Apparently yes, I could.
Thanks to Raven Imaging for the photographs.

Happy HNT!

Time Together At Last

It had been a weekend of frustration, of good behaviour and secret glances and shared fantasies.

When Mat and I finally went to bed together there was a sense of relief, of release.
He was wearing silky panties, had been all day, another secret shared. I wanted him and he me but I had put him under a chastity ban so I had something else in mind.

I got him to wear the strap-on, over the panties, over his increasingly hard cock.
I commanded him to fuck me with it. I lay back on the bed and he knelt between my legs and penetrated me with the dildo.

We were so close, gazing at each other, but I knew the pleasure I was feeling was all mine. With my legs over his hips as he pounded into me I wanked myself to orgasm knowing this pleasure was not his to share, loving his service to me. My delight in this situation was so strong that within a few minutes I managed to repeat the experience.

Tired and sated, I knew it was time to sleep, so my boy got naked. His cock was still hard, and I was delighted to see it. I took some soft rope and tied it around the base looping it around his balls and the shaft a couple of times before pulling it back through his legs. I tugged on it, pulling it tightly against his boy-cunt and felt his cock move in response. Then I settled down, rope held firmly in my hand, to sleep with my bound boy beside me.

Somehow aroused, sleepy and satisfied I drifted off to sleep.

Learning To Keep the Tension

My boy and I went to a local rope event. On this occasion I knew it was largely going to give me a chance to practice, rather than to learn specific new ties. I went with a few ideas of things I wanted to try and with an open mind.

As always, starting was the most nerve racking part. Once I had the rope moving through my hands I began to relax. I concentrated on my work until it was done and I could sit back and watch my bunny try to escape. Apparently my face was a picture as I enjoyed my boy’s antics. I also paid attention to his movements and how the rope moved as he wriggled; learning what worked and what didn’t. I mentally adjusted my ideas of what to try next.

About half way through the session we took a short break. The experts gave a talk with some demonstration of how the process of tying a single tie could be varied to give a different sensation and emotion to the scene. I watched and learned.
One of the other comments I really took to heart was that you can tie quickly, beautifully, or inescapably but not all at once. You have to pick one and go with it. With that came the message that the bunny and rigger really need a common understanding of what is being achieved.

I also took advantage of the afternoon to ask for feedback from my boy and for once I got it. A straight answer and specific criticism. He thought I was too close and the rope too loose. I fought down the inevitable insecurity caused by his lack of confidence in me (helped by a long cuddle while we listened to the above talk) to start the second half of the afternoon with a different approach. I was determined to do better for him.

This time, I took the rope more firmly, worried less about where it might go or indeed how comfortably it might lie and instead concentrated on keeping the tension; made trickier by the stretch in what is, after all, just cheap practice rope. I pulled it firmly, almost a little bit roughly, and amazingly watched my boy melt.

From that moment the connection between us grew. I continued working, pulling, tugging, tying. The intensity built, ropes pressed into flesh and we were lost in the experience.

Finally it was time to release the last tie and prepare to leave. He didn’t want to be untied and I didn’t want to untie him but still it needed to be done. Reluctantly  I untied all but his wrists and let him lie, eyes closed, floating in a happy place while I watched over him. When I finally untied the last rope we felt close, euphoric, amazing (and hungry).

I learned some important things at that event but most of all I learnt that the rope itself is valuable, most of all, for the connection it enables me to make with Mat. Because the feeling that connection gives me is wonderful.