Cock Ring – Review

We’d managed a rare trip to Harmony and Perrin and I decided to take advantage of it to buy the Screaming O Plus Vibrating Ring. We don’t often use sex toys like this so this was definitely an experimental purchase for us.
The ring itself comes packaged in a clear plastic pouch and I can’t say it wins any prizes for its appearance. It’s an unnatural peachy colour and looks a lot like some form of creepy crawly. It’s made of a jelly like substance and although the ring was obviously stretchy I was slightly uncertain of whether it would be too tight as apparently one size fits all. Perrin seemed unperturbed by it’s size and reported that it was comfortably snug. The ring is supposed to ensure he ‘stays harder for longer’ but not having found any lack in that direction I can’t say that we tested that claim.
The vibration is activated by squeezing the device. It claims to give thirty minutes of vibration but as it is also single use that was more than we needed on this occasion.
When Perrin started the vibration he certainly seemed to enjoy it.
When he penetrated me it was initially slightly disconcerting. The vibrations travelled along his cock such that it was similar to using a vibrator. Once we started to have sex in earnest the intensity varied for me as Perrin thrust in and out, buzzing against my clit as he was fully inserted. It certainly seemed to hit the right spot and the vibration was gentle enough to enhance the sensation rather than being distracting. After all I was primarily making love to my husband not using a sex toy.
In the end I didn’t actually achieve orgasm from it but it certainly got me closer to it than might otherwise have been the case. On the whole I’d describe it as pleasurable but not mind blowing. So not really living up to its name but good fun all the same.