Not Ready To Go Home

After an evening of play which had aroused us both Mat and I headed off into the night. For once the party had ended before midnight and we weren’t ready to go home so early.

We saw a cinema and decided on impulse to see if there was a film showing. To our surprise there were several starting after midnight so we bought tickets and went in.
We had the cinema to ourselves so we kicked off our shoes and made ourselves comfortable. As I settled back Mat’s hand slipped between my thighs and I parted them to give him better access.
After a few minutes we were joined in the cinema by two more couples but they spaced themselves out around the cinema leaving us alone in the back row. Under the cover of darkness I slipped my knickers off. Mat’s fingers continued to tease me throughout the film.

When the film ended I stood up and put on my coat. We were alone again and Mat slipped his fingers inside me. Within a  second his hand was soaked as I squirted down his arm. Our eyes met, we needed to do this somewhere else.

We drove away until we found a quiet car park. Set back from the road we had a little privacy.
Mat stripped naked, he was going to get wet. He helped me up onto the car bonnet and I lay back and spread my legs as his fingers went to work inside me. As I flooded him, squirting over him, warming his cock with my juices, he scooped up some of the liquid and splashed it on his body and his face.
He made me squirt until I was starting to get sore, so I climbed down and claimed use of his cock. Clinging to the bonnet for warmth, he filled me and I moaned with pleasure.

Then it was my turn. I donned my strap-on and bent him over the bonnet. Raping him over his own car. He wanked himself until he came and I caught his spunk in my hand, smearing it over his face, feeding it to him. My cock still inside him, I fucked him some more, until he whimpered, like the submissive slut he was.
Then finally we were ready to go home.

Taking Him At His Word

My boy is broken and so I have been holding back from using him.
I told him seriously I would wait until he felt he was able to take it no matter how much I might want to fuck him.
He told me then, “when I get completely smooth then you can do what you want. I won’t tell you” he said, “you’ll just find I’m smooth and you can choose what you do to me”.
My boy getting smooth is always for me, always a way of offering his body to me but this was a serious choice. I knew he might not wait until he was completely better but only until frustration compelled him.

So there he was, fresh out of the shower, dressed and clean. His nipples were erect, pushing through his t-shirt. I couldn’t help but notice and I couldn’t help but tweak them. When he guided my hand across his smooth chest under his top then I knew what he was telling me and I knew why his nipples had been hard.

I took him upstairs. He lay down naked on the bed and I donned my strap-on for the first time in far too long. I tried to start slowly, knowing how long it had been since anything had stretched my boy’s cunt but I was soon fully inside him; my body above his pressing him down.
“Rape me”, he begged, “hurt me” and so I did.
I used him. I pulled his hair and rode my bitch until his hands curled in the sheets and he smothered his moans in the pillow. I raped him. I made him wank until he came while I fucked him and then kept going.

I enjoyed it certainly. It was much needed. It was also incredibly intense emotionally for me.
My boy has found a darkness in me and released it. I am left amazed that he would give himself to me so completely, knowing that I will abuse him. Asking myself how I can do that to someone I love so deeply. Almost frightened that I enjoy it so much.

Yet it was a release and a pleasure for both of us. I gave him what he needed, what he asked for.
I keep telling myself that but that was not what drove me on. When I was raping him it was pure untrammelled pleasure; I was completely lost in the moment. For that reason the responsibility is mine.

So now I am left wondering. Should I have refrained from taking him at all, or should I have held back from raping him and given him only gentle loving?
Perhaps I should have, instead I took him at his word.
I took what was mine.


Taken Into The Garden

This, it appears, is what I end up thinking when I spend time in the garden.

I am stripped naked, exposed to my master’s gaze. My wrists tightly bound in rope. Dragged helplessly outside to be fastened in place, my wrists above me, defenseless. My body pressed against the brickwork, it’s roughness scraping my skin. I am whipped, head back, screaming. Begging for mercy.

Cut down, my hands still tied, thrown to the ground, raped for my master’s pleasure. His hands parting my thighs, his cock thrusting inside me. Pounding into me with his lust.
I am covered with his cum, its stickiness spread over my flesh. Its taste in my mouth, forced there by insistent fingers.
I am hosed clean where I lie. Writhing beneath the jets of water, until I am clean, and cold, sobbing and submissive.

I am his slut and he treats me like one.

Five A Day – Back to the Supermarket

After the recent incident of the boy and the banana it was inevitable that other fruits or vegetables would eventually follow…


It started with a trip to a well known supermarket, to stock Mat up with groceries.
Over coffee (it was a very civilised shopping trip) we laughed over the helpful suggestion from one of our dear readers that a zucchini should be next in line for his ass. Luckily being reasonably fluent in American cooking I was able to translate that into (the more recognisable to English readers) courgette. At this point I suggested that our shopping should include a representative of this delicious vegetable, and was met with a beautifully disbelieving look.
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Timing Is Everything

I need to express my dominant side, and right now my timing is way off.

It’s certainly very difficult at the moment to plan any kind of time in advance specifically for play. If I do manage to arrange something, the sense of expectation seems to inhibit me. It feels stilted, awkward and uncomfortable. I like my kink to be spontaneous.

There are the moments we are together, with nothing specific planned, no expectations. Even then there are so many difficulties. Perhaps my mood is off, or his. Sometimes my concern to look after him is too strong. Sometimes I just don’t see the opportunities that are staring me in the face.

Last night I should have sent him out to stand naked in the rain, and whipped him out there, with the water streaming down his skin. I just didn’t see it until too late.

This morning I want to fuck him. To hold him down and use him. To put on my strap on and rape his ass, to feel his flesh under my hands and around my cock. But he’s tired and is sleeping, and I want him to have that rest. Caring overriding lust yet again.

My frustration builds, my need grows. When the timing is finally right, it’s going to be intense.