Playing Puppies

There was a knock at the door. Liam opened it to reveal Rowena standing on the step looking both excited and nervous.
“Come in” he invited her warmly.
He showed her to a room where he told her to get naked. Then he showed her a narrow pink leather collar.
“This is your puppy collar” he explained, “once you’re wearing it I expect nothing but puppy behaviour”.
“Yes, Sir” Rowena agreed quietly. They were to be her last words for a while.
Liam told her to get down on all fours and when she had done so he fastened the collar around her throat.
“Your puppy name is ‘Lady'” he instructed her. Rowena nodded to show she understood. Continue reading “Playing Puppies”

Playing Again – Puppies

My boy and I went to another play party. With a little more confidence than the first time, I had started with a few ideas of what I might want to do. Improvising, to what felt comfortable, it gave me an opportunity to bring out in public a few things I had wanted to do.

We’d settled in and my boy was at my feet in tiny purple pants and his pink lead. He needed a drink of water so I went in to the other room where our toy bag was and returned with a bottle of water. I also fetched the two new puppy bowls I’d bought. Shiny stainless steel with paw prints on. Mat’s face as I brought them into the room was a picture, even more so when I got out my prepared box of ‘dog biscuits’ to go in one of the bowls.

Still like a good puppy he settled down on all fours and took a drink of water, getting an adorably wet nose in the process. Then he chased a dog biscuit around the bowl with dogged determination until he caught it. Fed and watered he was a happy puppy.

Another puppy was brought over to join him with his own drinking bowl. Mat was made to share his biscuits. There was some playful growling but in the end he was a good puppy and prepared to share.

Then a real treat for us both, we were loaned a truly wonderful puppy mask and paws. Mat slipped further into role and I got to take him on a little walk around the room. I tickled his tummy and played with him, petting his new ears and nose too; totally lost in the fun of it. I think my puppy owner persona is quite a young girl really, maybe about twelve. Certainly I find it easy to simply get lost in the fun of it.

A little more play, some more water and biscuits and it was time for Mat to rejoin the human race but our evening was not yet over.

Rescue Puppy

He is my rescue puppy.

This particular puppy though, is no newborn bundle of fur. Still definitely a puppy, slightly gangly, sometimes awkward and unfailingly enthusiastic; but no longer a baby.
No longer carefree either. This puppy has been hurt in the past and there are scars to show for it. My puppy is loved and treated gently now. He responds with a desperate eagerness to please, rarely but randomly punctuated by a sudden cowering or an unexpected snap of anger. I feel a flare of indignation at each past hurt which left such a mark.

I must be patient with my puppy, persistent and kind. Rewarding good behaviour, quietly discouraging the bad. Giving love, always giving love.

This puppy is not just for Christmas. He is my rescue puppy to keep.

A Puppy Of My Own

He had said that he didn’t do puppy play. I’d never consciously planned on having a puppy so I took that at face value and didn’t think any more about it.

Then we found ourselves at a slightly kinky social engagement, and I had cause to send him outside to stand in the cold. I was just thinking about letting him back in when I saw him, crouching outside the door, pawing at the glass to be let back in, much to my delight and that of those people I was talking to.
Still he was not a puppy.

That spark of playfulness has certainly fed itself into a couple of my fantasies, and I found myself writing about a girl and her pet. His reactions to those stories were always positive.
But he was still not a puppy.

So on a perfectly vanilla day, Mat and I were out for a walk when we passed a family out for a stroll. They had a puppy with them, on a pink rope lead, who was straining excitably, bounding about as only a puppy can.
“What an excitable puppy” I was laughing.
“I’d be excited too if I had a pink lead”, Mat had barely finished the sentence before our eyes met and he knew his fate was sealed.
When we returned home I ordered a pink rope lead, the kind which comes with a collar built in. I said nothing about this of course; waiting patiently for it to be delivered. When I opened it in front of him his face was a picture.
I slipped it over Mat’s head, and petted him enthusiastically. I took him for a walk in the garden, and he played with me. I had puppy treats (mini cheddar biscuits!) to feed him as I trained him to sit and stay.

I had a puppy of my very own.

A Shower on a Summer’s Evening

It was a balmy summer’s evening. Rowena sat on a chair in the secluded garden enjoying the last rays of the sun. On a table by her side a glass of Pimms rested, full of fruit and ice. She picked it up and sipped it; then looked down at the decking and smiled.

Kneeling beside her on the decking Matthew was naked save for a narrow collar. He was on all fours; lapping from a bowl by her feet. He smiled up at her happily and she smiled back.

“Enjoying your Pimms?” she asked, and he nodded enthusiastically, wriggling his hips as if he had a tail to wag.

Rowena patted him on the head gently and continued to sip her drink slowly.

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Your Pet

I don’t normally write age play, but this just seemed to fit.

Rowena looked down at her puppy Matthew sitting at her feet. She smiled and patted his head. He looked up adoringly at her.

“Good boy” she praised him, “now lets play”.

She walked to the other side of the room and called to him.

“Here Matthew, come here” she bent down holding out her arms.

Matthew bounded across the room to her on all fours. She hugged his naked body with delight, and he wriggled against her with puppyish excitement.

“Chase me” she ordered, letting go of him and climbing onto the sofa.

Matthew followed her onto the furniture. Putting eager puppy paws on her shoulders he pushed her down and began to lick her face. Rowena giggled and squirmed.

The door opened and Bryan walked in. He took one look at the two of them sprawled on the sofa.

“Rowena” he roared, “What did I tell you about your pet?”

Rowena looked crestfallen. “Not on the sofa, Daddy” she said quietly.

“Well?” he replied watching her.

She sat up, and hugged Matthew. She pointed to the floor.

“Down” she told him, “Sit”.

Matthew climbed off the sofa and assumed a puppy posture on the floor. Rowena climbed down too, and hugged him tightly arms around his neck.

“Please be good” she whispered, “or I’ll be in more trouble”.

Bryan walked across to them and sat down on the sofa.

“Now come here” he told Rowena. She came and stood go front of him looking slightly defiant.

“I told you, that you were responsible for looking after your pet, didn’t I?” he asked her. She nodded sulkily. He looked at her and waited for an answer.

“Yes, Daddy” she admitted finally.

“Then you need to be punished” he told her firmly, patting his lap in a gesture which she understood all too well.

She lay herself over his lap. Bryan lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down to her thighs, Rowena buried her head into the sofa.

Smack. Bryan’s hand came down firmly on Rowena’s bottom and she yelped. He began spanking her firmly, one hand holding the small of her back as she earnestly wriggled to get away.

“Please, Daddy, stop. I’ll be good” she begged. Her bottom was glowing red under his hand. When she started sobbing he finally relented. Watching her as she lay meekly over his lap for a moment.

“Stand up” he told her.

She struggled to her feet, and he turned her away from him, tucking her skirt into her waistband, leaving her bottom exposed. He told her to go and stand go the corner. She started walking, her hands reaching to adjust her panties, still around her thighs.

“Leave your panties where they are” he warned her. She shuffled awkwardly across the room. Her bottom on display, her face to the wall.

Bryan turned to Matthew still sitting patiently on the floor. He gestured to him, indicating that he might go to the woman standing in the corner.

Matthew released, crawled across the room, a curious puppy. He pushed his nose eagerly against Rowena’s bottom.

She felt him nuzzling her, but was not allowed to speak, she knew. She shifted her stance slightly parting her thighs a little, pushing her sore bottom towards him slightly.

Matthew sniffed, inhaling her sex. His tongue began to explore as best it could the folds of her, tasting her dampness, and feeling her twist slightly in response.

Rowena moaned softly. Corner time had never been so delightful or frustrating.

“You may come out now”, Bryan told her finally, and she turned gratefully.

She crouched down to hug her devoted puppy, and looked across the room, uncertain whether to hump her darling puppy or beg for Daddy’s cock…