Remember Me

It was simple enough. My car was at the garage so I had asked Mat to drop me off at work. It was a little out of his way but he could drop me off, head off himself and return to pick me up without too much disruption to his day.

As my work day ended I began to pack up my things slowly. I didn’t rush, I knew Mat might be delayed. Still, he might also have been waiting until he knew I had finished my work. I texted him.

“I’m ready when you are” – no worries.
“For ? ? ?” – the reply was surprisingly quick.
“For you to pick me up” – had he forgotten me?
“I’ll be there in a few minutes” – yes it seemed he had…

When I got him alone later my aim was clear. I wanted to make sure he remembered this. With him lying naked face down on the bed I was going to whip him. I started with a soft belt and my hand. Gently at first, there was no rush.

“Do you remember me”? I asked him.

His response was as cheeky as I expected, goading me deliberately. Did he not think I would hit him hard enough? I intended this to be memorable.

I continued spanking him then moved on to the long crop to whip him in earnest until he assured me that he did remember me.

“Let’s try another memory test” I suggested “can you remember your safe word”?

The strokes fell thick and fast now. He began to squirm. Twisting his body to get away. I put my hand on the small of his back and continued. His guesses were as random as might be expected but I didn’t need to let up now. He could stop me if he wanted to, all he had to do was remember.

Finally, with perfect timing and subtle grace he showed me that he remembered. One phrase, one happy and satisfied Domme and one very sore bottom.
I checked by having him sit down for a moment on his scratchy mat, his face twisted in pain said it all. Yes, that would give him something to remember me by for a little while.

I wonder if he’ll forget to pick me up again?

The Penalty For Speeding

The car sped through the narrow country lanes. The driver, a man in his mid forties, threw the car enthusiastically into each turn and corner. He was enjoying the sunshine, the freedom of the open road.

He was on his way home; an unexpectedly early end to his business meeting meant that he would be home much sooner than usual, missing rush hour and surprising his wife. As he drove home he imagined walking in through the front door. She would be in the kitchen preparing supper perhaps. He would take her in his arms and kiss her passionately, she would respond eagerly. He would push her up against the kitchen counter and his hand would wander up under her skirt, between her legs. Her pussy would be damp as he pushed his fingers into her and she would gasp against his lips as he did so. When he felt her body relax against him, panting eagerly, her pussy tight around his hand, he would turn her round and bend her over the worktop. He would pull her skirt up and push her panties to one side, then he would unzip his trousers…
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An Important Solemnity

1. the state or quality of being solemn
2. (often plural) solemn ceremony, observance, celebration, etc.
3. (Law) a formality necessary to validate a deed, act, contract, etc.

Ever since Mat became mine I have known that punishing him was eventually inevitable. After all this game we are playing has rules, well understood by both parties, even if never written down and even humorously debated on occasion.
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It was a lovely group of people. Bryan had gathered together his submissive Rowena, her two dominant lovers Liam and Tom, and her own submissive playmate Matthew, a fascinating mix of people and attitudes. Dinner had been delightful, with stimulating conversation and laughter, and the whole party had finally retired to the large sofa in the lounge.

Bryan got up, and disappeared for a few moments. He returned with a riding crop in his hand.
He looked across at his submissive, Rowena.
“It’s time” he told her quietly, passing her the crop.
She went a little pale, and swallowed hard. Then she turned to Matthew who was sitting next to her.
“Strip, please”, she told him.
Matthew almost looked more nervous than she did, he had been given only the broadest of outlines about what this evening might contain. He stood up and began to remove his clothes. Rowena was watching him intently, but she couldn’t help smiling with delight as he revealed his body to her eager gaze.
When he was naked she got up from the sofa, taking some cushions with her.
“Come with me”, she instructed.
Rowena led him to the dining table and positioned him bent over it, his torso resting on the cushions. Her hand stroked his ass.
“Now”, she said her voice quavering slightly, “I’m going to punish you”.
“For what, Mistress”, he asked nervously.
“For what you are going to do” she replied. Matthew wondered what that might mean.
She stepped back then, and began to apply the crop firmly across his buttocks. Matthew held position, and made little noise. Rowena was impressed, if only she could do so well, she thought.
When his bottom was glowing red she ceased, running her hand over it gently, before encouraging Matthew to stand up. She led him over to the vertical radiator, and stood him in front of it, first testing its temperature with her hand to make sure it wouldn’t burn him. He stood patiently while she retrieved a length of rope, and began to tie his hands on either side of him, threading the rope through the bars. When she had finished she reached down and stroked his half erect cock with a gentle smile, and then stroked the side of his face.

She turned round, and saw the remaining three men regarding her.
Bryan smiled at her evilly, “Strip, please” he told her.
Rowena’s fingers fumbled at the buttons as she undid her blouse. She was acutely aware of the three men watching before her, and of Matthew, helpless, behind her. She hurried to remove her clothes, feeling a sense of terror swelling up inside her.

When she was naked Bryan came over to her, and moved her into the position she had put Matthew into earlier. Tom and Liam came each side and fastened rope around her wrists, passing it under the table. Her ankles too were fastened to the table legs, holding them wide apart. Rowena felt more helpless than she ever had before.
Tom fastened a blindfold over her eyes. With the loss of sight, she felt the sense of terror recede. She was alone in her darkness. She breathed in deeply.

Someone’s fingers penetrated her then, roaming deep between her spread legs, before pulling out.
“Wet, I see”, Liam commented behind her, “what a slut you are my dear”.
Rowena moaned softly against the cushions, shame and desire burning through her.
She moaned louder, as her pussy was entered again, swiftly, forcefully, a cock pounding against her for a few strokes, before pulling out. Unwillingly she whimpered at the sudden loss.
She felt something press against her lips.
“Suck it”, Bryan’s voice from behind her.
She opened her mouth, and a hard cock was pushed into it. She tasted her own juices on it, her tongue lapped at it, trying to determine who’s it was, Liam’s she guessed. She sucked at it, her neck straining from the centre of the table. Her pussy was invaded yet again, and she gasped around the cock in her mouth. Suddenly both were withdrawn.
“Not good enough”, Liam’s voice was harsh, “you have a lot to learn about sucking cock my dear. That simply will not do”.
A red hot line burned across her ass suddenly, the riding crop wielded by a firm hand. Rowena gasped in pain, and again and again, as the crop fell. She sobbed desperately, hating herself for not taking it better. Reminded suddenly of Matthew, watching her humiliation, she bit her lip and struggled to quiet herself.
As suddenly as they had started the blows ceased.
“Now” Liam’s voice was gentle, “you’ll do better, yes?”
His cock returned to her mouth and she sucked at it desperately, terrified of disapproval.
Another cock entered her, pounding against her cunt. It soon was removed, and another took its place. She trembled in place, uncertain of who was inside her, feeling her own lust burning like a flame.
Eventually the cock in her mouth was withdrawn. For a while then, she was lost in sensation, as her pussy was penetrated by each in turn, not knowing who was inside her. For a few moments fingers were thrust into her ass, and she cried out, in sudden realisation of her utter defencelessness.
She became aware then of sounds nearby, the unmistakable sounds of men wanking, groans increasing, in time with the thrusts behind her. Almost in unison she felt the man behind her buck against her hips, and felt the warm fall of cum over her back. Fingers then smeared it across her back, onto her face. Cum covered fingers were forced between her lips, and she obediently sucked them clean.
Rowena’s head slumped against the cushions, overwhelmed.
“We seem to have forgotten something,” Tom’s voice was amused, “did you enjoy watching that Matthew, oh, I see that you did”.
“Yes, Sir”, his voice was quiet.
The men untied Matthew’s hands from the radiator, smiling happily.
“Your turn”, Bryan invited him, gesturing towards the woman still splayed across the table.
He hesitated for a moment. Bryan gestured again peremptorily.
Matthew stepped forward, and as he pushed his cock into Rowena’s sopping cunt, he realised that this was what he had been punished for, this unasked taking, that she had known was coming.
He thrust firmly then, and felt her push back against him. Her moans, part pleasure, part pain, aroused him further, and he came quickly inside her.

As he stepped back, Bryan, Liam and Tom stepped forward, untying Rowena from the table, removing the blindfold and helping her to stand straight again. She blinked and staggered slightly, and they embraced her, Matthew joining in, all of them close in an intimate moment.
“You should go and have a bath sweetie”, Bryan told her, “and I’ll pour all of us a drink”.
She smiled tentatively.
“Yes, Sir”, she said meekly.
She turned imperiously to Matthew, “and you can come and wash my back for me”.


A girl sat on the beach. She stared, slightly sullenly, across the water where her Master was swimming. Really, she thought, she hadn’t been that stubborn really, had she?

Still, she had wondered for a moment if he had been going to spank her, right there, in front of all those people. She had been almost relieved at the smaller threat of being made to kneel. She had backed down, quickly, then. She could see he meant it; that he wasn’t going to let her challenge his authority any more that day. So, not really that stubborn at all.

He had ordered her then, back to the beach, to watch, and to create a dirty story. That alone wouldn’t have been such a challenge.
“Start it”, he had ordered, “with a stubborn girl, being punished by her Master”.
She fumed silently. What was she meant to write? Was she meant to come up with a crueller punishment for a girl in her position? And if she did, would it be used against her? She knew that was always possible. Her master could be evil when he wanted.

After all, thinking up a naughty story was very little hardship. She leant back, feeling a tingle of excitement run through her. She got to lie here, and think naughty thoughts, hardly a punishment at all.

Of course, she realised suddenly, that wasn’t the punishment at all. The punishment was to tell her story. Her mouth twisted. That was in itself cruel indeed. A clever, twisted punishment, from a man who knew just how to manipulate her. But what story could she tell?

Then, in an instant, she knew; there could be only one story.

She sighed deeply, and began.

“A girl sat on the beach…”