I Need To Bring It Home

I’ve been thinking recently about public versus private play and what it means.

I like playing publicly. Taking my Boy out, showing him off (in his pretty panties), whipping him or tying him up. I like the chance to sit and watch other people play, to take in the atmosphere and to get inspiration for my own play.

There are limitations to public play though. The opportunities are limited; at most once or twice a month and if something gets in the way that chance is gone. I also prefer not to do anything too adventurous in public. While our safeword can (and has) been used gracefully to alter a scene, I want to avoid the “No, that doesn’t work” or even the fits of giggles when we discover that what seemed like a hot idea has comic implications.

Private play, for me, is more intimate, less pressured, more rewarding. I can experiment, try new things, relax, say “hold on a minute” while I decide to find some new toy to play with (raiding the kitchen drawer for example) and aftercare can involve our own duvet and the sweetie box without needing to plan for it in advance.

Yet recently it seems like all our play has been public. There are little moments at home of course, his head in my lap, a quick morning caning or simply me using the strap-on on him but it has been a long time since he spent an hour naked at my feet or playing my puppy or even doing any of the several things on my ‘yet to do’ list.

I can find several excuses why not. We’re busy, it’s cold, there are things to do… and yet I came across a post by Ferns recently that got me thinking. It talks about what to do when your submissive says ‘no’ and if I’m honest that’s what stops me initiating play at home, the fear that the response to ‘get naked and sit at my feet’ will be ‘but it’s cold’ or ‘but I’ve got things to do’ or just plain ‘no’.

I mean I know there isn’t time to play all the time and possibly ‘but Mistress you haven’t let me have clothes or get up off my knees for a week now…’ would be a reasonable hint that I should give him a night off but I want him to trust me to let things get to that point (I wouldn’t…probably).

I want to dictate when and how we play because surely that’s the point? Hell, I need it to be the point. I need him to trust me, I need to feel I can ask and get a ‘yes Mistress’ because Ferns is quite clear about what happens if I stop asking.

Soon, she is not dominating him anymore, she is just getting him to do things that she hopes he won’t mind doing. He then wonders what happened to the fearless Domme he used to adore and she wonders what happened to her lovely submissive.

So I’m going to try to play more at home, demand more, experiment more and try harder to be the Domme I want to be. I hope that will give my Boy the space to be the submissive he wants to be too.

Providing A Public Convenience

It is a sunny afternoon. The garden is full of people, standing around in groups talking and drinking. The party is in full swing. People move back and forth merrily between the drinks table set up against the house and the long lawn with flower beds along each edge.

At the far end of the garden in the shadow of the slightly overgrown hedge kneels a naked man. He kneels back on his heels, hands held behind his back, head bowed. He is unbound. He has been ordered to remain here by his Domme who is hosting the party and so he does. Beside him a hand written sign attached to a stake in the ground reads “Public Convenience”. Continue reading “Providing A Public Convenience”

Springing The Surprise

One of the great privileges of being a Domme is the opportunity to make someone’s fantasies come true. When those fantasies include phrases such as ‘in public’ and ‘forced’ they take a little bit of effort.

I’d told Mat I wanted to play with him, I’d insisted he get smooth and prepare his body for me. When I then put clothes on him and got him in the car he was a little surprised. I drove (an adventure in itself) without telling him where we were going but after a little while he began to correctly suspect our destination might be a dungeon we had visited previously. I told him nothing more of what awaited him.

When we arrived I blindfolded him and led him inside and locked him away in the cage. He curled up comfortably in his darkness and I left him to rest. Meanwhile people were arriving. We whispered greetings in the hallway so as not to disturb the boy in his cage. Then, with some trepidation, I went and helped Mat out, of all the things I had in store for him this was the part that I had most feared he wouldn’t enjoy. With him dressed only in (my) red silk panties I cuffed his hands behind his back (at least partly so he couldn’t hit me) I sat him down and removed his blindfold so that he could see the group of people who then sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

The initial formalities over, I took him away for a while to flog him gently before leading him to the bench where he was blindfolded again, strapped down and his panties pulled down. While one lady wound wool tightly around his cock another applied nipple clamps and electricity. A crowd of people stood around, torturing my boy in various ways and thoroughly enjoying his inevitably humorous reactions. Eventually the scene ended with the wool being pulled rapidly from my boy’s cock causing it to move so fast it disappeared into a blur.

After a chance to recover from the physical overload, he went to clean up. He came back to me to find me wearing my strap-on over my catsuit and he was eager enough to get on his knees and suck it. After a little while I got him up on another bench, strapped down with his legs apart and his boy-cunt clearly accessible. I lubed him up generously and began to fuck him gently. Slowly, people came to watch and I carried on. Being watched while I fucked my boy was a first for me but my attention was on his reactions as he became aware of our audience. We were joined then by another strap-on wearing Domme who put her cock in my boy’s mouth and fucked his face until he gagged on it.

I withdrew then, moving round to tell my boy how good he was being, as the dildo he had so recently lubed up with his mouth was forced into his cunt. Mat’s response was immediate and enthusiastic. ‘Oh, God, yes’ he moaned as he was fucked hard and vigorously. After a while another cock was thrust into his mouth and he sucked it eagerly. After a few seconds he gasped for breath.
“It’s a real one” he exclaimed in surprise before taking it back in and sucking it as best he could.
Finally when his brains had been fucked out I took a moment to change into my big blue cock and give him a final fucking. He took it easily, loving every second. When I had finished and I untied him from from the bench he could hardly walk and I supported him, delighting in the look of pleasure on his face.

I hadn’t finished with him though. It was his birthday after all and birthdays require candles. I had one candle for every year of his life, in rainbow colours. We lay him down and dripped wax on him. The candles were hot and he had been thoroughly tortured already but he was determined to be brave and see it through. Finally one white candle completed the set, my beautiful, brave birthday boy, covered in wax.

Thanks are due to every one of our friends who helped to make that night so special, we literally couldn’t have done it without them.