Photography – Hair

I’ve always been a brunette. A strong, dark, kind of brunette. It’s a colour I’m very happy with and have lived with a long time now, but occasionally one fancies a change.

I have previously attempted to henna my hair, but even Lush’s brightest henna produced only a subtle glow in the sunshine, which was scarcely worth the effort.

So I decided it would be fun to have my hair professionally coloured. To have it coloured sufficiently that it is quite clear that it is deliberately coloured. And, after all, who doesn’t want to be a red-head?

So today, I have given in to all my girly impulses and become, temporarily at least, red-haired. I think it looks pretty good, and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it, I certainly do!

Photography – Snow & Scarf

So, there’s been a heavy snowfall, its night time, and the temperature is below -10 °C. What to do?

Ahh, of course! Dress Caitlin in very little, sneak out to a snowy bank (hoping that the dog walkers are staying inside) and take some photographs!

Caitlin has a number of pretty scarves, and I’d previously determined that she looked pretty damned hot wearing them as a sort of halter top. I’m sure you will agree:

Remarkably Practical...

Feeling bolder, we tried a number of poses:

But in the end, the scarf had to go!

Is it cold out?
Snow is good for the skin, right?

All in all, a fun, if chilly half hour in the snow. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought!

Our Anniversary

The beach

The reason our blog has been so quiet recently is that we have been on holiday, celebrating our wedding anniversary.

I have often thought that if I had to pick someone to be stranded on a desert island with, that it would be Perrin. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, and it’s been wonderful.

It goes without saying here that Perrin is the ‘one’ for me. We are compatible in so many ways. We manage to live together, eat together, work together (when possible), and our sex life is fantastic! It helps that we share so many things. The ability to eat curry every day for example (twice a day in fact).

It is certainly important to note though, that being happy together, miles from home and everyone we know, does not mean they are forgotten. Indeed, we have sat down and written postcards together, little messages to say “I may be a long way away, but I am thinking of you” to important people in our lives.

I was struck by the similarity of that to our wedding. The day when you say to so many “I want to be with this special person forever, and I love you so much I want you to be there too”.

That need to share with other people is a part of being human. If I had to pick only one person to be with, it would be Perrin, and life would be good; but we do not have to make such a choice.

Our anniversary itself was very special. We ate dinner together on the beach by candlelight. There were flowers on our table, champagne (nearly) and a beautiful (and delicious) cake. We danced together on the sand to the music of our first dance, where no one could see.

We went back to the bar then, full of love (and dinner), and Perrin took a picture of us sitting together in candlelight. As we talked; we watched another couple attempt to take a picture of themselves, with a tiny camera, holding it at arm’s length. At that point Perrin showed his true colours, in making it clear that he wanted to go and offer to take their picture.

I told him to go, and watched him make his way around the bar. Approaching different couples, introducing himself, and taking their picture. Compersion is (loosely defined as)  ‘happiness at your lover’s happiness’. Certainly sat to one side, watching him from a distance, my heart was full of joy to see him so in his element.

Even better was to come. When he returned we went back down to the beach, to look at the phosphorescent plankton forming a line of glowing blue along the shore. I stood on the shoreline, and he took a picture of me that also showed the glowing beauty around us. How typical of Perrin then, that he sent me back to the bar, to find that first couple, who had complained that they had been unable to photograph the plankton successfully, to offer them such a photograph.

This is the man I love. Who loves, and gives, and shares.
My beloved husband.

Perrin, thank you for giving me a place in your life.
I am yours, always and forever.

Making your mark

Making your mark
Making your mark

Long ago, before Caitlin’s disappearance (metaphorically) due to the mini-pill, we had had spanking sessions, and such like, though I’d never really got the whole D/s thing until recently. I’d played the part, but its only with Caitlin’s reappearance that I’ve appreciated the full nature of my wife, and how being submissive is important to her.

We recently re-watched Secretary, and (surprisingly for a Hollywood film) it really brought home to me how strong submissives are.  D/s is not strength / weakness.

So, I’d never whipped Caitlin enough to leave a mark, and I though I’d better correct this. These were made with a wound up tea towel, it was surprising effective, especially with the buusiness end dipped in water.

I can’t begin to describe how proud I am for her to remain standing while I made them.