Taken Into The Garden

This, it appears, is what I end up thinking when I spend time in the garden.

I am stripped naked, exposed to my master’s gaze. My wrists tightly bound in rope. Dragged helplessly outside to be fastened in place, my wrists above me, defenseless. My body pressed against the brickwork, it’s roughness scraping my skin. I am whipped, head back, screaming. Begging for mercy.

Cut down, my hands still tied, thrown to the ground, raped for my master’s pleasure. His hands parting my thighs, his cock thrusting inside me. Pounding into me with his lust.
I am covered with his cum, its stickiness spread over my flesh. Its taste in my mouth, forced there by insistent fingers.
I am hosed clean where I lie. Writhing beneath the jets of water, until I am clean, and cold, sobbing and submissive.

I am his slut and he treats me like one.

A Shower on a Summer’s Evening

It was a balmy summer’s evening. Rowena sat on a chair in the secluded garden enjoying the last rays of the sun. On a table by her side a glass of Pimms rested, full of fruit and ice. She picked it up and sipped it; then looked down at the decking and smiled.

Kneeling beside her on the decking Matthew was naked save for a narrow collar. He was on all fours; lapping from a bowl by her feet. He smiled up at her happily and she smiled back.

“Enjoying your Pimms?” she asked, and he nodded enthusiastically, wriggling his hips as if he had a tail to wag.

Rowena patted him on the head gently and continued to sip her drink slowly.

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Under The Full Moon

It was a walk. Just two lovers going for a walk across the fields at sunset, the sky clear and fading from blue. There was no real plan there at all, and yet I chose the path knowing where it would lead.

As we crossed the corn field we first saw the moon. Huge and red it peeked over the horizon. Still only half a disc, resting between the trees.

We walked on slowly as it rose to become a full circle of light and we reached the tree where I had whipped my boy before, where the switch I had cut still rested against the trunk.
We stopped there, and Mat stripped naked and stood clutching at the rough bark, as I whipped his ass. I was not gentle with him. He threw his head back as he cried out, and I heard the pain of it, but it was not enough.

He trembled in the night air as I held him in my arms. My naked boy kneeling at my feet in the long grass. We watched the moon above us, and both knew we were not finished there.

He stood then in the open. Watching the moon, arms wrapped around his shoulders. I stood behind him, with the switch in my hand and love in my heart.
“I love you” I breathed deeply, and I struck him hard.
His body twisted with the blow, “I love you” he cried, the pain audible in his voice.
Again and again the blows fell, each stroke an act of torture, yet an explicitly avowed act of love. I wondered that I did not cry myself, at the intensity of the passion raging between us, but my eyes were dry as I poured my soul into the moment. I continued until the switch broke, its purpose finally fulfilled.

We returned home then, closer than we had ever been, more deeply connected than before.
The memory of that walk is powerful. I am awed by the immensity of what we did there. Overwhelmed by what Mat did with me, for me.
His whole heart was given in that moment, his love and devotion made real in that deep act of submission.

And for that love, expressed so beautifully under the full moon, what can I possibly give in return?
My love is the least of it.

The Feel of Wood

Perrin and I went for a walk. It was dark, and quiet. We walked slowly through the fields, following the footpaths as well as we could. Hand in hand, until we came to a gap in the hedgerow, and a tall tree.

We stepped though the gap, and stood under the tree. Perrin ordered me to get naked. I laid my clothes carefully on the ground; my coat, my dress, my underwear a neat pile in the darkness. The night breeze brushed cool against my skin, yet the air was warm. I stood trembling by the tree, my hands against its trunk.

Perrin got out his Swiss army knife, and cut a branch from a nearby bush. I watched over my shoulder as he stripped it of leaves, until only the switch remained. I turned my face back to the tree.

The first blows were harsh. I yelped and leapt back, my hands involuntarily covering my bottom. Perrin waited as I struggled to recover, until I resumed my position against the tree. He continued, more gently, but still my hands clutched at the tree, my gasps loud in the silent night air.

When he had finished, I remained where I was. Leaning forwards, resting my face against the bark. I heard him unfasten his trousers, and I bent further to allow him to penetrate me. He fucked me then, my face looking up at the sky through the branches, my hands and face touching the tree, feeling its rough texture, my skin revelling in the currents of air playing over me.

When he had finished, he gathered up my clothes and we walked back the way we had come. I walked naked beside him, my hand in his.

Such a beautiful night.