Rope And Steel

Rope and SteelD/s has been struggling to find space in my life recently. Of course there are the little rituals that keep our lives ticking over but some things have been missing…and missed. As they become less common the confidence to even try to find them suffers and so begins a vicious spiral.

What a welcome relief then to get away from the limitations of ordinary, everyday life for a little while and have a break. New surroundings and a lack of routine are both things that seem to open up the space for play.

I would have said we were tired, that we needed sleep but when Mat lay back across the bed, naked, just inviting me to play with his body I could hardly resist. I took my dagger and ran it lightly across his body; threatening and gentle. I used the flat of it to tap his balls and I pressed the point of it into his skin until it left a mark. with my hands I stroked his face and tweaked his nipples. I wanked his cock and watched him gasp but I held back from giving him too much pleasure.

After all, we did need to sleep. I took rope and tied it around the base of his cock and then pulling it back between his legs I settled down to sleep still holding and tugging my Boy.

Waking, holding the rope, in the early light was a delight. A pleasure too long missed. My Boy and I, for once, awake together.

I couldn’t resist playing with his body and began to wank him again. I took up my dagger and laid it across his throat with one hand as I pulled him to the edge of orgasm with the other. I let it fade and then enjoyed bringing him to the point of no return. My good Boy, steel across his throat as he bucked in helpless pleasure.

For those precious hours he was my Boy and I was his Domme. Perfect, happy and complete; with rope and steel.


Warming His Cock

Deep HeatIronically, the Deep Heat had been bought originally to torture my Boy. On that occasion it had been unneeded and so it had made its way unopened into the medicine cabinet. Now it found its way out to be used to bring relief to Mat’s aching back.

While I had him lying still, I trailed my slightly contaminated fingers over his cock and watched his reactions blossom. This was clearly an avenue that needed pursuing.

“I want to be tortured by you” he whispered softly. A request no loving Domme could ignore.

Later on, we made the time to play. I took rope (for the first time in, oh, far too long) and wrapped it around his wrists. Pulling them then behind his head and taking the rope around his arms I made sure he knew that he would be lying back, unable to interfere with my pleasure. Once he had lain back with a pillow tucked under his head to ensure his comfort I fastened the end of the rope to the bed. He wasn’t going anywhere.

I opened the tube of deep heat and smeared the merest dab on the head of his cock. He complained he could hardly feel it. I grinned, I hadn’t even got started yet. I took my time, applying the cream to different areas of his cock, watching his reactions, asking for feedback; warming him up gently. His cock was hard, this was pleasure interspersed with pain.

I was aware of just how turned on I was. Enjoying the irony that Mat’s cock was something I simply couldn’t have for now. Still I had something better than sex at that moment.

I continued to torture his cock. Wrapping ribbon tightly around his balls to heighten his sensations I moved to slapping them gently while my hand continued to stroke his gently burning cock. As always, the noises my Boy makes while being tortured drove me on. I was in no hurry.

Still finally, he told me how ready he was.
“If you want me to cum”, he said,”you’re going to need to hit me harder and use a lot more deep heat”.
How could I refuse. With a fresh application of cream I continued my ministrations. I knew he hadn’t thought this through. With a deep sense of evil delight I knew this was going to hurt. So soon, he was gasping harder, and his head tipped back.
“May I cum?” his simple question.
“Oh, yes”, I breathed as I stroked him and watched his body convulse and his spunk shoot into the air.

“It’s burning, it’s burning” as his pleasure subsided the pain kicked in.
“Oh god, it hurts” he moaned. Still helpless, he whimpered in the aftermath of orgasm. This was the pain I had been saving up for him. This was my rush of pleasure.

Gently now, I untied him and held him, comforting, loving my brave Boy who had taken the torture for me and loved me still. How warmly I loved him in that moment.

The Five Part Hangover Cure

I awoke feeling dreadful. In fairness I wasn’t so much hung over as still slightly drunk. I didn’t really have much of a headache but my day at work was clearly going to be a challenge.

Inevitably I wanted my usual hangover cure.


Perrin got up and made me this before I went to work. Thus fortified I made it out of the house albeit shakily.


I’d grabbed a couple of tablets before leaving the house and gratefully dropped them in a glass of water when I got to work.

Orange Juice

I had clementines to eat at work and a fizzy vitamin C tablet which went into the mix with the painkillers. Sitting at my desk I downed the mixture and began to feel better.


Mid-morning I wandered out to the rather dodgy burger van across the road. Supplied thus with both fresh air and a well stuffed bacon roll I returned to my office. While I sat munching at my desk I decided I might as well attempt to complete the cure while still at work.


My trusty Lelo was to hand as usual so I headed off to the toilets for a few moments of privacy. Leaning back against the wall I allowed my mind to wander…

I was out with Mat at a play party somewhere. I tied him to a bench. He was naked, bent over, legs spread. His head hung down slightly over the far end. Arms and legs fastened in place, he couldn’t move.

I got out my sharpies and began to write.
“Fuck me” I began across his bottom. People wandering by looked, read and paused.
I moved on to his back, “I’m a slut and a whore”, “Use me”, “Spunk on me”, “Make me suck you”, “Fuck my face and my cunt”, “Enjoy me”, “Abuse me”.

I moved back to sit down nearby. I watched as people moved forward to read what had been written, to run their fingers over his naked flesh, over the words inscribed there. I watched as a man unzipped his trousers and forced his cock into my boy’s mouth. A Domme in a strap on moved in to take him from behind. Around him were a crowd of people, men and women, wanking, watching, waiting their turn.

…I saw my Boy used and abused and I came.
Eyes opened slowly, reality returned. I went back to my desk with a smile and feeling so much better.

No Need To Cum

Nic from ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ recently wrote about her difficulty orgasming and bemoaning the tendency of erotica to portray the simultaneous orgasm with unreasonable regularity. I’m certainly often guilty of that too, a fact I realised some time ago when I came to realise that my own sexual activity often ends perfectly happily, without guilt or frustration, but most importantly without orgasm. So I set myself the task then to write a piece that reflects that and finally, prompted by these thoughts, I’ve completed it.

“Come here”, he swept her swiftly into his arms and held her tight. She tilted her head back and kissed him.

His hands roamed over her skin as she pressed closely against him. She felt his erection pressing against her and moved a hand down to stroke it gently.
With a smiling shared glance they moved to the bed. They lay down and shared a kiss, pressing the length of their bodies together as they did so.

With a sudden urgency she pushed her hands against his shoulders pushing him down onto his back. She straddled him quickly and sank down onto him sighing with satisfaction as his cock drove deep into her. She rocked back and forwards her hips tilting with their own natural rhythm. She threw her arms out for balance as she moved, moaning softly at the pleasure she felt.

With a cheeky smile she dismounted, now rolling on to her back alongside him. His hand came up to stroke her face gently before he pulled himself up. His body arched over hers and she shivered at the promise of it.

With deft hands he pulled her gently towards the centre of the bed, raising her legs and positioning himself behind her thighs. She moaned again as he entered her, her hands reached up to caress him as he thrust slowly and deeply into her.

His rhythm changed, becoming more urgent and her cries grew louder as the force of his lovemaking increased. Together their bodies thrust together with increasing urgency. Eventually he paused. A moment of stillness. She caught her breath underneath him.

A shift in position. Pillows moved, legs grasped. She gasped as he plunged in yet again. He continued his motion until she was breathless, voiceless and wide eyed.

“You’ve had enough” he smiled. She didn’t contradict him, she could barely move. She smiled back in delight.
“Rest now” she assured him.
He moved aside to let her legs drop and to stretch himself beside her. She held out her arms and he wrapped himself closely around her.
“Thank you my love” she whispered.
He held her close as they began to doze together.

Time Together At Last

It had been a weekend of frustration, of good behaviour and secret glances and shared fantasies.

When Mat and I finally went to bed together there was a sense of relief, of release.
He was wearing silky panties, had been all day, another secret shared. I wanted him and he me but I had put him under a chastity ban so I had something else in mind.

I got him to wear the strap-on, over the panties, over his increasingly hard cock.
I commanded him to fuck me with it. I lay back on the bed and he knelt between my legs and penetrated me with the dildo.

We were so close, gazing at each other, but I knew the pleasure I was feeling was all mine. With my legs over his hips as he pounded into me I wanked myself to orgasm knowing this pleasure was not his to share, loving his service to me. My delight in this situation was so strong that within a few minutes I managed to repeat the experience.

Tired and sated, I knew it was time to sleep, so my boy got naked. His cock was still hard, and I was delighted to see it. I took some soft rope and tied it around the base looping it around his balls and the shaft a couple of times before pulling it back through his legs. I tugged on it, pulling it tightly against his boy-cunt and felt his cock move in response. Then I settled down, rope held firmly in my hand, to sleep with my bound boy beside me.

Somehow aroused, sleepy and satisfied I drifted off to sleep.