Earning His Domme’s Approval

His Domme arrives at his flat one evening. She stands on the doorstep without attempting to enter. She grabs the hair at the back of his head and gazes at him intently.
“You are mine, my submissive slut and my whore”, it is not a question.
“Yes, Mistress”, admission comes readily to his lips.
“Get in the car”, she tells him briefly.
A quick look at her and his words of protest die on his lips, she means business tonight. He grabs no more than a door key and follows her out to her car. As he climbs into the passenger seat he asks where they are going. Continue reading “Earning His Domme’s Approval”

Playing Again – Tied

After our puppy play at the party I wanted a nice gentle moment and this was it.

I’m a new Domme and many things are slightly intimidating to me; one of those is rope. This is a new interest for me, mainly because as a submissive I’ve never understood the appeal of it; somehow it’s quite different when I’m the one doing the tying.

I might, ironically, have discovered this fact sooner if my boy wasn’t such an avowed rope bunny. When faced with a submissive who has been suspended by experts, as a Domme whose knowledge of rope largely involved learning knots as a Girl Guide a long time ago, it’s much easier to avoid the (it feels) inevitable criticisms and simply not attempt tying him up.

So somehow as a first serious attempt to get over that barrier, I decided to do this in public, where I knew several of the people present were rope experts whose skills I had already admired shyly from afar. What was I thinking?

Well, I did cheat slightly by making sure I was in another room from most of the party, with better lighting and less audience. Still nobody, not even my boy, intervened or told me I was doing it wrong and while it may not have been stylish (I will learn to do it better in future) I soon had my boy sitting cross-legged with his hands bound behind his back and his ankles fastened together.

This was only the beginning of my game though. I blindfolded him with a nice soft scarf and proceeded to enjoy touching him. I used my hands and a variety of objects mostly softly and gently although, yes, I may have bitten his nipples just a bit.

When I’d done with touching him I untied his ankles but before releasing his wrists I stood over him and pressed my pussy into his face. Head back he licked and sucked me through my panties while I held the rope binding his wrists. This was a moment I absolutely loved; it felt sexy and very powerful. Eventually I untied his wrists too so that he could lie down and I could enjoy sitting on his face for a little longer before rejoining the main room.

You Are Well Used

A dark and dirty fantasy for my boy.

I am having a dinner party. My guests are carefully chosen, four men, four women. As they arrive you serve them drinks. You are naked, tonight you are here to be of service.

The round dinner table is laid for nine, it is glass and steel. When the food is ready I bid my guests take their places. Continue reading “You Are Well Used”

He Cums In His Mouth

I love watching my boy wank, I love watching him cum. Even more I love watching him with spunk in his mouth.

This wasn’t the first time I’d watched him do this; that I’d made him do this.
I knelt on the bed, Mat’s head between my legs as he wanked himself for me. When he was near to coming he curled his body upwards and shot his spunk into his own open mouth; tasting himself, swallowing for me.

I sat there watching…
…and this time taking pictures to share.

Flash Fiction Friday – 26 August 2011

Another story for Flash Fiction Friday.

“Come here boy”.

I pushed him down to his knees on the floor. Sitting on the edge of the bed I pulled his head towards me. Obediently he began to lick my pussy; his tongue lapping eagerly at my moist folds. I tilted my hips until I found the perfect angle to enjoy his efforts.
I held his head tightly and raised the camera to take a picture of our reflections in the mirror on the wardrobe door.

“Let’s show everyone what a slut you are”.

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What’s Hot

As part of a conversation about forced bi behaviour, a question came up. Which was hotter, someone being forced to suck another man’s cock or forcing them to be the recipient of another man’s attentions?

The situation was initially described as one act being forced and one willing, but actually in both of those scenarios, one of them is taking part willingly and the other is doing it because they’ve been ordered to, regardless of who is the active party.

So that didn’t lead me to easily identify a preference.

Imagining a situation in which both parties are either willing or forced presents a clearer picture. I’ll admit now that I find the forced one is a little bit hotter. I think it’s at least in part because it involves more than just the two men involved.

While the willing participants may be enjoying what they’re doing, in many ways they are ignoring the observer. Although they may of course enjoy having an audience.

Where (at least) one party is participating as an act of submission it adds an extra dimension to the experience. It is inherently being done for an audience of at least one.

Even if the dominant party wasn’t actually present at the time, one has to imagine that they know about what is happening, have planned it, and will enjoy a full report later.

In any case that aspect definitely adds to the hotness of the whole scene for me. I guess that just means I like kink.

It’s Not What You Do

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

I had my first serious boyfriend at seventeen. When we were finally alone together, we started kissing and getting naked, and generally exploring each other’s bodies. I kissed my way down the length of his torso, so naturally when I got to his cock, I kissed that too. I had no expectations at all, merely touching and sucking in a way that felt good to me, and that seemed to be getting a good reaction. When he came, I made a wonderful discovery. Cum tastes like the froth on a pint of Guinness, and I love Guinness. I swallowed. Well, what else would one possibly do?

In recent times, as a submissive, oral sex has been something I have come to consider as an integral part of my submission. It is often the first thing commanded of me in play, although I sometimes pre-empt the command slightly, foreseeing the demand. Even when done spontaneously, fellatio feels like an act of service, a submissive giving of pleasure. My enjoyment in the act for its own sake is swallowed up in my desire to please.

Different relationships it turns out, have different rules. There I was, with my boy, kissing, exploring. His cock was in my hand, hard and smooth, and I knew I wanted to taste it. For once, no sense of obedience or fulfilling expectation, merely my desire to enjoy him in a way which pleased me. I crouched down, taking him in my mouth, delighting in the feel and taste of him, and the moans of pleasure from above me. In that moment I felt a real sense of dominance, taking what I wanted from him, in the way I chose.

I wonder how an observer would have interpreted what was happening, superficially viewing those actions. Our roles within that invisible except to us, defined by dynamics and emotions they could not know.

Remember, what you see may not always be what you think.