Only Cheating Yourself

This isn’t really erotica as much as some thoughts about submission, honesty and the internet. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got this really great idea for a website…

Sam was looking for a Domme. He wasn’t ready to meet anyone in person just yet but he wanted to experiment with his submissive side. He saw a link to a website which looked promised to match him up with his perfect Domme who would supply him with tasks and punishments via their website.

He signed up straight away and began to fill in the complex form. It asked questions about likes and dislikes including hard limits. It also asked about his schedule, when was he usually at a computer, when was his time free. He waded through the survey determinedly. Finally when he had finished, he submitted the form and was met with a message telling him he would be assigned a domme very soon. Continue reading “Only Cheating Yourself”