Tesco knows I’m kinky

I was on a shopping trip to Tesco a few days ago. While wondering around the aisles I found their sports section.
In what is probably a new line for them, were a selection of horse riding equipment.

Now, I had been looking for a crop to add to our toy collection for some time. Well I say looking, the reality was I’d bottled out of going into one of the local riding stores: “No I don’t ride myself. It’s for a friend. No, really!”

It was easy to slip one into the trolley – I hid it under some leeks.

As I walked around the rest of the store, I wondered how many of these were bought for kinky usage. Who actually bought riding equipment in Tesco *for riding*? It’s not as if it’s particularly high quality.

As I went through the checkout (aren’t the self scanning tills useful?), I unthinkingly scanned my clubcard. Somewhere, deep in some Tesco computer bank, my record has been marked as into kink.

I wonder if I’ll get vouchers for rope next month?