Hotel Thoughts

I’m in bed; a large bed with crisp white sheets. A hotel room bed…

…I hear gentle breathing and I look down to see my Boy curled up on the floor beside the bed. He is lying on his side, his knees slightly drawn towards his body. His feet are tied together and the rope loops up to his wrists tied behind his back from there it runs to the bed where I am holding it firmly. I can tug it and he reacts to the movement of his bonds.
Looking down I can see his cock, hard and proud, as he lies there in my rope. It is mine to demand when I wish it. He belongs to me.
For now though I will keep tight hold of the rope and drift back to sleep.
My Boy is beside me…

…I am a happy Mistress.

Surprise Saturday – Bathroom Scene

Bathroom Seen
Click for bigger!

A slightly different surprise this Saturday. Hotels are wonderful places to explore and each hotel room comes with its own delights but in this case I got a surprise when I realised that the bathroom was separated from the bedroom by a pane of slightly obscured glass. Thus giving the opportunity for a photograph like this.

If you’d like to play along then please comment below and I’ll come and share your surprises too.

Surprise Saturday

In Belgium No One Can Hear You Scream

My Good Boy My boy and I had a weekend away. Now as this was a trip abroad it was filled with sightseeing and adventure but even so we found some time to play together.

We had a sense of freedom, of being anonymous and that enabled us to be far more relaxed than might otherwise be the case.

My boy went out in his collar, the tag peeking through the neck of his shirt, unafraid of who might see (not many people, it was cold and we were wrapped up warmly).

In the hotel I found time to have my boy on his knees, sucking my cock, enjoying the size of it and the anticipation. Then I chose to rape my boy; with no need to be quiet he could surrender to the moment and I could use him without restraint. In return I could demand his cock and I could sing out my pleasure freely (and loudly).

Hotel rules meant that my Boy stayed naked. That he could serve me. It meant he took whatever pain and pleasure I chose and for once I delighted in giving him pleasure. Leaving him shaking and trembling with its intensity (yes, I am a smug Domme and with good reason).

We shared our freedom, our pleasure and our love. My boy, truly mine, for a few precious days.

Sucking My Cock

Days And Nights

Do Not DisturbMat and I were going to a kink night. It was some distance away and we had booked a hotel, both as somewhere to get ready and as somewhere to crash afterwards. While driving to our hotel we discovered the party in question had been cancelled; we decided to carry on and enjoy the weekend anyway.

I’ve said before that hotels make things special, far away from the normal world. This weekend proved that to be true again.

We had a wonderful weekend. During the days we pottered about in the car. We paddled our feet in the river, we went shopping, we sat in a shady graveyard and ate pies, we drank every sort of iced coffee we could find, we walked, laughed, held hands and behaved like any loving couple might.

When in the hotel everything was different. My boy was naked. He was my puppy, my fucktoy, my whipping boy and my footstool. I took naked photos of him cavorting like a whore in the hotel window and walked him about in the dark by his cock. We shared dirty fantasies and sexy moments, he came for me and I smeared his spunk on his face.

Do these days and nights seem mismatched? Not to me, for they were wonderful and precious and all ‘us’. Days and nights to be treasured.

Waking Up Beaming

I awoke in the hotel on the Saturday morning. Before I even opened my eyes I knew exactly where I was. Mat’s pink lead nestled in my hand still and he lay still asleep beside me the collar around his neck. I opened my eyes to regard the beams above the bed and smiled. I was going to have fun.

Before getting up for breakfast I got out the rope, tied his wrists together and proceeded to pull it over the beams until I could fasten his ankles similarly. He lay there utterly peaceful and at ease in his bonds. I may have taken advantage of his position to hurt him a very little then but all too soon it was time to get up for breakfast and another day of sightseeing.

On Sunday we awoke later in the morning but still my first thought was of rope. This time with wrists and ankles spread, the rope following along the beams until he looked like a giant puppet laid out for me to play with. I stroked his body through his pretty new panties and was delighted with my toy.

I could have spent so much longer in that room playing with rope but alas that was all we had time for.

Arriving Where We Wanted To Be

Mat and I had planned a weekend together. Our plans had included places we wanted to go, things we wanted to see and the promise of a space where we could play.

After an incredibly early start, the day had been spent travelling and sightseeing. We finally arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon. The friendly receptionist gave us the key and directed us around the long corridors to our destination. Finally we opened the door and peered into the room…

…the room was huge with an enormous double bed beneath the open beams. We looked at each other in delight, this was the perfect place to play. Within moments, at my command, my boy had stripped down to his pink panties and naturally enough he knelt at my feet. Here we were truly a Domme and her boy.

Swiftly I found the rope and fastened him to the beams. I pulled down his panties and whipped him where he stood, tied in place; enjoying the space and the sense of freedom. Then I lay back on the bed to relax. I regarded him standing there and enjoying the sight of him bound in my rope and at my pleasure. I wanked myself while he watched me.

The beginning of an awesome weekend in so many ways.