More Important Than The Football

Mat had made it very clear at the start of the Euro 2012 championship that he intended to be watching every match. As this post shows sometimes this poses some interesting limitations to work around.

I’d sent him off to work in my panties again. The goal was for him to remember that he was my bitch, that he was owned and that I had every intention of fucking that cute ass of his later;¬†sometimes there is simply no substitute for that act of possession.

As we watched the first half of the match he snuggled up against me, an eager submissive, as long as I didn’t disrupt his view of the game. I slipped my hand inside his trousers to feel his tackle getting hard, barely contained by the panties he still wore. I stroked and sucked his cock and balls, reminding him he was mine.

At half-time we made a decision, diving upstairs quickly together, to the bedroom. As I watched him strip I strapped on my big blue cock, and his eyes widened.

“You’re going to rape me” he gasped.

I was. It had been too long since I had used this cock on him, I needed his submission.

I had to keep this simple, we had no extra time to play with. He got down on all fours on the bed and I lubed up my strap-on and slid it into him. His breathing changed as I did so, and as always I was impressed with how easily he took it.

I fucked him hard, banging him like a whore, claiming his body as my own. I was lost in the pleasure of it, getting a real kick out of those delightful sounds he makes. Listening to the pitch of his whimpers alter as I hurt him. As he offered himself to me through the pain, I loved him intensely.

In a moment of submission, as I paused for breath, he stayed there bent over, his boy-cunt in the air. Willing to be used, how I pleased, for as long as I pleased.

“You’re more important than football” he told me sincerely.

The result? Moved beyond words, I spent a few precious seconds more enjoying his cunt. Then I withdrew; I wanted there to be no penalty for that genuine act of submission. Sending him to clean up, I slipped my harness back in its box.
Loved, fucked and connected; Mat and I went to watch the second half of the game.