The Will Of The Goddess

He was a slave. Kept in the temple pens his duties were light, his life simple. Then he had been dragged aside by the slave mistress, locked in a cage and left for two days and nights with nothing but a bowl of water. He had begged for food but she had said he would be fed “when it pleased the Goddess”.

Then two women in white robes came for him. They pulled him out, stripped his tunic from him and took him to a wash room and watched while he cleansed himself under their instructions. When they were satisfied they fastened his wrists and led him away. Continue reading “The Will Of The Goddess”

HNT – Chain

I dreamed of wrapping my boy’s wrists in chain and when I awoke I couldn’t resist making that dream a reality.

I loved my boy’s reaction to this. He got hard as soon as I twisted the chain around his wrists. When I fastened the chain around his body he lay very still and seemed utterly peaceful.

He looked so beautiful in his chains that I had to take a picture to share here.

Happy HNT!