Finding a Submissive Position

Sometimes life gets in the way. A variety of things have been preventing any attempt at play with Perrin recently and I had put all such thoughts out of my head for a while.
We have just been away for a few days camping. That in itself was just another thing that kept us busy of course.

So there I was, in an almost empty tent, packing up the bed rolls. I was kneeling on one end of one, and I leaned forward to squash a little more air out of it, concentrating entirely on the task in hand.

Suddenly I was aware of my body, kneeling, head bowed to the floor, arms stretched out in front of me and I felt a rush of submission. A simple sense of need to be in such a pose before my Dom, to let him use me as he saw fit. My body exposed, available to him for pleasure or pain. Simply his.
I stayed motionless for a moment, lost in the feeling. Surprised by my own sudden reaction to the physical position I was in.
Enjoying the moment of fantasy.

Then of course I sat up and got on with striking camp.