Waking Up With an Erection

I woke up early and I woke up horny. Almost immediately my first thoughts were of my boy, still asleep, of how I wanted to be inside him, to fuck him. My clit was swollen with desire; I didn’t even need to touch it to know that. I lay still, consumed by hunger for his body, needing to take what was mine.
Only one thing was missing: my cock; without it I felt incomplete. My lust unsatiable. I grew increasingly frustrated, I lacked the means to satisfy my needs.

Eventually I awoke enough to know that this unbearable state could not continue. I got up and fetched down the box containing my strap on. My boy roused enough to understand what was coming. While he slipped out to the bathroom I slipped on my beautiful cock.

I lay on my back, putting the dildo in place, moving the straps into position. As I fastened the buckle on my hip I felt the tension flow away. I was complete.
The anguished throbbing of my clit faded as I stroked my own erection. I curled over on my side, relaxed, my hand curled around my cock. I could be calm now; my body was ready to satisfy my desires.

My boy came to me now. Curled on his side, I nestled behind him. My strap on pressing against his ass, telling him how I felt, what I wanted.
I had woken with an erection. I was ready to use it.

Calm and Collared

Life has been busy recently. Too busy to do much in the way of kinky play, and too busy even to justify the time to write in here.  Certainly the dynamic hasn’t completely gone away (far from it) but I haven’t really hit sub space for some time and I’m starting to miss it.

So the arrival of Friday night (and my period, damn) with no chance to play was really bugging me. When we went to bed I started getting quite cheeky, pushing Perrin for a reaction. He simply got my collar and put it on me. I calmed down immediately.

I’ve been working hard on being properly (formally) submissive when in my collar. The rest of the time I have a lot of leeway, but my collar ‘puts me in my place’. It’s interesting to see that effort result in such an instant reaction.

I settled down to sleep, and I dreamed.  I don’t remember (annoyingly) what I dreamed but I know they were submissive fantasies because I awoke with a sense of frustration, of not wanting to wake up, wanting the fantasies to be real rather than just ideas in my head.

I moved slightly, and felt the ring rattle gently on my collar. I was suddenly aware that I was wearing it, and instantly that feeling evaporated. Here I am, my submission is more than just fantasies in my head, it is real and livable and wonderful.

I’m still frustrated that we haven’t had time for more, but in my collar I’m calm and happy and Perrin’s.