Taken For A Haircut

Rowena had decided, her boy needed a haircut. She was going to make sure it was done properly too. They entered the hairdresser’s together. Matthew’s hand in hers.

The salon was nearly empty. In the chair nearest the door a young man was having his hair cut by a petite blonde girl. It was the taller brunette who had been lounging by the counter who came over to them.

“How can I help you Sir” she asked?
Rowena replied for him, “He needs a hair cut. Tidy him up please and don’t let him give you any trouble.”
“Certainly” the girl’s eyes sparkled, “would you like a coffee?” she asked her.

Matthew was sat down in a chair and draped in a coverall. Rowena took a seat nearby where she could watch the proceedings in comfort. She accepted her coffee with a smile and sat back to enjoy it.
The hairdresser began running her fingers appraisingly through Matthew’s hair. He wriggled in his chair slightly, enjoying the attention.

Turning to Rowena the stylist made a couple of suggestions and Rowena nodded her approval.

As the hairdresser turned away to gather her tools Matthew’s hands sneaked out from under the coverall and he began reaching for something on the counter in front of him.
“Leave it alone” the hairdresser caught him as she turned back. His fingers dropped, a guilty expression on his face, a child caught stealing sweeties.
The hairdresser placed her hand on his head as she began to cut his hair.

The other haircut was complete and as the blonde stylist moved across the salon to complete the transaction Matthew’s head turned to follow her.
“Sit still please” the hairdresser was insistent but polite.
Rowena put down her coffee and crossed the salon. She whispered something quietly to the girl and smiling returned to her vantage point.

The other customer had left now and the blonde girl returned to her station and began tidying up. Matthew’s head turned once more.

“Enough” the brunette’s eyes looked sternly at him. “You need to learn to sit still”. Taking Matthew’s arm she pulled him to his feet. Before he knew what was happening he was leaning forwards, nose pressed against the mirror, her hand on the small of his back. Picking up a hair brush she began applying it firmly to his bottom.

“Ow”, Matthew protested.
After delivering half a dozen firm strokes she turned to look at Rowena who was watching calmly.
“Carry on” she told her, “he needs to be taught a lesson”.
The hairdresser simply yanked down his trousers and boxer shorts and laid into him with the brush again. Matthew could do nothing but yelp weakly, gazing too closely at his own reflection.

The blonde girl came across to join them.
“My turn” she demanded.
He was turned round now, with his trousers still around his ankles, forced to bend over the chair he had so recently been sitting in. The blonde girl started to spank him, in this instance with her bare hand, until Matthew’s bottom was glowing a rosy red.

Her hand obviously sore, she ceased her discipline and disappeared into the back of the shop. Meanwhile her colleague was reapplying the hairbrush with enthusiasm. Matthew softly whimpered with each stroke.

Suddenly the brunette paused to look up.
“Oh, yes my dear” Rowena’s voice carried across the room full of amusement and approval. Matthew twisted under his tormentor’s hands but could not see what she was looking at.

Suddenly he felt something pressing against his ass. Firm, unyielding and invading.
“No. No you mustn’t” he objected but no one was listening to him.
The blonde girl slid her lunchtime banana slowly into his ass and began to fuck him with it. Matthew continued to protest but his hips were already tilting as he pushed back against it.

“Wank yourself. Make yourself cum” Rowena had come over to watch the show and her voice whispered insistently in his ear. Obediently he took hold of his cock and began wanking it. As he was fucked his motions grew faster until with a little gasp he cried out, shooting cum all over the seat beneath him.

He trembled there for a moment as the banana was finally withdrawn. Then, with a smile, the hairdresser turned him round once more and pushed him down to sit in the chair; his bare bottom against the rapidly cooling sticky patch he had just made.
“Now, let’s finish cutting your hair”.

Five A Day – Making It Real

It started with a fantasy. It was Mat’s fantasy, let’s be clear about that. It was he who had spotted the cage nestled in the fruit and veg section of a supermarket, it was he who had speculated about its possible uses. Then of course, naturally enough, he told me about it. More than that, he wrote it out in graphic detail, detailing his pleasure and his shame. What Domme wouldn’t enjoy reading such a story.

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