Photography – Hair

I’ve always been a brunette. A strong, dark, kind of brunette. It’s a colour I’m very happy with and have lived with a long time now, but occasionally one fancies a change.

I have previously attempted to henna my hair, but even Lush’s brightest henna produced only a subtle glow in the sunshine, which was scarcely worth the effort.

So I decided it would be fun to have my hair professionally coloured. To have it coloured sufficiently that it is quite clear that it is deliberately coloured. And, after all, who doesn’t want to be a red-head?

So today, I have given in to all my girly impulses and become, temporarily at least, red-haired. I think it looks pretty good, and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it, I certainly do!

Photography – Snow & Scarf

So, there’s been a heavy snowfall, its night time, and the temperature is below -10 °C. What to do?

Ahh, of course! Dress Caitlin in very little, sneak out to a snowy bank (hoping that the dog walkers are staying inside) and take some photographs!

Caitlin has a number of pretty scarves, and I’d previously determined that she looked pretty damned hot wearing them as a sort of halter top. I’m sure you will agree:

Remarkably Practical...

Feeling bolder, we tried a number of poses:

But in the end, the scarf had to go!

Is it cold out?
Snow is good for the skin, right?

All in all, a fun, if chilly half hour in the snow. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought!