Suck It For Me

Suck ItI took my boy to a party. With a little help from my friends I had a surprise for him.

I had him stripped down to his panties, which I know makes him feel slutty. We let him know he would be performing for the camera. Then I ordered him to suck a man off, to give him pleasure and to put on a show for us all to watch.

It was indeed hot to watch. My Boy, my whore in training, doing as he was commanded. Giving pleasure, until he was left with a mouthful of spunk.
I was left with memories and photographs.

I Want To See Your Face

I’m always keen to try new things. Sometimes you find a new favourite and at the very least you learn something about yourself.

MaskI had the opportunity to put Mat in a latex mask. Well I say ‘put’, in practice it required him to actually put it on himself. I definitely love the look and feel of latex. His red straitjacket is one of my favourite toys and I love not only seeing him in it but also looking after it, polishing it and taking care of it.

He put on the mask and I took the opportunity to take some photographs, musing as I did so that this was one of the rare occasions that I could take a picture of Mat’s face and publish it here.

Jazz Hands The latex felt wonderful to stroke and it was certainly interesting hiding his identity away but at the same time I felt uncomfortable with the transformation. It didn’t take away who Mat was, even blindfolded he was still the exhibitionist, posing for me and for my camera, but I felt that I had lost touch with him.

I could no longer see his face, read his emotions or reactions. I felt cut off from him.

I think I understand the appeal to the wearer of such a mask. Losing yourself in anonymity, faceless with no need for shame, no need to be a person, able to be objectified, and that’s aside from the sheer tactile pleasure of it all.

As a Domme though, I felt lost. I’m happy to objectify my boy on occasion. He makes a very fine footstool I assure you. For me though, I need it to be him I’m abusing. Everything is in the relationship we share.

So after he took off the mask I spent a large part of the evening petting him, stroking his face and hair, holding him and that felt right to me. Because to know he’s mine I have to be able to see him.

Surprise Saturday – Playing With Fire

Click to see more!
Click to see more!

Recently chances to take Mat out to play have been rare and photographs of the two of us together are always rare.
So how doubly precious when both occur. How even more precious when the photos we were taking were so awesome.

This was an amazing time spent with my boy and some truly lovely people – and this was just the start of the evening.

Surprise Saturday

HNT – Rope Straitjacket

Rope StraitjacketMat is very lucky to have a latex straitjacket but it is very heavy and bulky to transport and very warm to wear. This means that is not ideal for Summer play and even in the Winter is best worn at the end of an evening so as not to leave him hot and bothered in the wrong way. So when planning to take him out for a recent play session I decided against using it. Still I wondered, could one make a lighter version out of rope? Apparently yes, I could.
Thanks to Raven Imaging for the photographs.

Happy HNT!

A Memorable Date

I took my boy away, to a hotel, where we could express our love as we pleased, as we needed to, where we could be ourselves.
I needed to hurt him, to keep hurting him and that is what I did; this poem tells you just how much.


Sonnet V – A Memorable Date

Tenderly I at first caress your skin,
You stand, my naked boy, for me to touch.
Then take I up my whips, my cane so thin,
This is love’s kiss; let it be not too much.
Sixty seconds doth each long minute make
But measure we alone in counted blows.
Each stroke requested and with love you take,
Given with pride, we do not care who knows.
Six of the best could never be enough
To show each other just how much we care,
Each stripe upon your skin is not too tough,
When knowing  who it was who placed them there.
And all that love poured out ‘twixt us in pain
Bonds us as owned and owner yet again.

© Caitlin 2013