Wake Up

This is a story I started writing a while ago. Recent events gave me fresh impetus to finish it.

The duvet was pulled back swiftly. In sleep, he felt a rush of cool air, and then the warm weight of her as she straddled his body.
Her hand slapped his cheek roughly.
“Wake up” she commanded.
Her hands grasped his wrists. Pinning them down, before he could awaken enough to respond.
He opened his eyes and looked at her, resenting the disturbance.
“Wake up slut” she taunted him, moving his hands above his head, “I want to use you now”.

Sleepily he tried to focus as her body moved above him, her weight shifting as she stretched herself out over him. Her mouth came down on his and she kissed him deeply.
“Time to please me, my little fuck-toy” she purred.
Her hips shifted against his rapidly hardening cock. He was hers and he knew it, his body responding obediently to her demands.
Her head bent now to his chest. She sucked at his nipple until it was erect then her teeth tightened over it. He whimpered, a little mewling cry, as the pain lanced through him. She smiled as she lifted her head and bent it again to his other nipple. Again pain shot through him until he moaned softly and she relaxed her bite.

Raising her hips now she lifted herself, and his erection lifted too, she lowered herself onto it. Slowly, so slowly, enjoying every second as it slid inside her.

Seated now she began to rock back and forward in time to her own internal rhythm. She began to gasp and moan at the pleasure coursing through her as she rode his hard cock. Her hands gripped his wrists still, pinning them above his head. He lay still, a willing offering to her lust, while she pleasured herself with him. Her breathing grew more rapid and her moans more urgent as she drove towards her own climax. His eyes were closed now, his head back, his arms relaxed in her hands, he was hers.
She released his wrists to grasp at his hair, pulling at it, urging his head further back, as she slammed into him. Her other hand sought her clit and stayed there, fingers moving frantically. Again and again she drove herself down the length of his cock until with a shuddering cry she released her grip, threw her head back and came to a sudden halt.

Breathing unsteadily she looked down and smiled at the boy lying beneath her.
“Good little boy” she told him, “now get up and make me coffee”.

New Boy At School

Paul was both nervous and excited when he woke up. Never had the mere process of getting up, washing and getting dressed seemed so important. He looked at himself in the mirror as he brushed his short dark hair, he thought he looked smart enough for his first day. Still his hands were shaking as he tied his new tie. He was still nervous as he left the house.

When he arrived at school he was escorted to Miss Thompson, the headmistress’ office.
She was in her late fifties, a tall but solidly curl woman with permed grey hair and slightly old-fashioned glasses. She looked at him seriously over her spectacles.

“Paul, I’m delighted to see you are here punctually, I have great hopes that you will fit in well in our school. Now off you go to your classroom.”

Paul breathed a sigh of relief and leaving the office walked down the corridor towards the classrooms. He looked carefully at each door he passed until reading the name on one door he pushed it open and entered the classroom.

“Good morning class” he said brightly “I am Mr Evans, your new teacher”. Continue reading “New Boy At School”

Fireworks on Bonfire Night

It was going to be a large fireworks display. Hundreds of people milled about buying drinks and food from the many stalls around the arena. At one side a railing marked the edge of the arena and beyond that lay a large open space. The far side of that space held some fireworks arranged ready to be set off and to one side a large pile of wood and bric-a-brac which formed what would be the bonfire.

Eventually a dark shape moved in the gloom and the bonfire sprang into life, a huge glowing and crackling pile of debris. It was too far away to feel the heat from it although it cast a beautiful light across the field.
Rowena took Matthew’s hand, “come with me”, she insisted.

The two of them walked away from the railing, and away from the arena towards the car park. Packed full of cars it was empty of people as everybody thronged the arena. From there they found the fence surrounding the site with trees growing in front of it along its length.

Rowena led her boy, her heart thumping, along the fence back towards the field. There was no one around as they squeezed past the fencing meant to mark the edge of the area where the public were allowed. Their clothes were dark and they were easily lost in the shadows. Skulking behind the trees they continued around the edge of the field towards the bonfire until it stood between them and the crowd. The heat from the fire was fiercely intense at this short distance.

“Strip”, Rowena ordered Matthew quickly.
He looked hesitant for a moment, but a look at his mistress’ eyes in the firelight convinced him that she was serious and he undressed quickly. Neatly he folded his clothes in a pile on the ground, ready to be put on quickly if necessary.
Rowena turned away drawing a pen knife from her pocket and cutting a switch from a low branch of the trees which they stood under. She laid it down on the ground for a moment.
Ordering Matthew to come and stand by the fence she drew some short lengths of rope from her pocket and bound his wrists to it, wrapping the rope around the posts. He shivered slightly, the roughness of the fence against his chest, and the fire’s heat against his back.
Rowena stepped back to admire the beauty of this man bound naked before her, then looking back at the fire, still shielding them from the view of the crowd.

She picked up the switch. It whistled through the air, and Mat gasped as it struck him. It left a neat red line across his buttocks, almost glowing in the orange light. The fire crackled noisily and the hum of the distant crowd could be heard behind it.
Rowena raised the switch again. Matthew struggled slightly, testing the rope around his wrists as the blows fell.
He became lost in the moment; the pain, the warmth of the fire, the rope holding him in place and the ceaseless crackle of the fire became his universe.
Suddenly his universe expanded; a new noise, a whizzing that filled the air followed by a huge bang, and a gasp from the remote crowd. Rowena glanced round, the fireworks had begun. She whipped him once again, watching his body twitch in response to both her blows and the fireworks’ explosions.

Then before the bonfire burned too low she turned away and tossed the switch onto the fire watching it crackle furiously as the flames licked at it. Turning back, she untied Matthew from the fence, and he quickly slipped back into his clothes. Together they hurried back under the trees to return to the arena.

As the fireworks continued to fill the sky with glorious patterns of light they stood among the crowd; arms around each other, heads back, looking into the sky. They had made their own kind of fireworks tonight.

Taken For A Haircut

Rowena had decided, her boy needed a haircut. She was going to make sure it was done properly too. They entered the hairdresser’s together. Matthew’s hand in hers.

The salon was nearly empty. In the chair nearest the door a young man was having his hair cut by a petite blonde girl. It was the taller brunette who had been lounging by the counter who came over to them.

“How can I help you Sir” she asked?
Rowena replied for him, “He needs a hair cut. Tidy him up please and don’t let him give you any trouble.”
“Certainly” the girl’s eyes sparkled, “would you like a coffee?” she asked her.

Matthew was sat down in a chair and draped in a coverall. Rowena took a seat nearby where she could watch the proceedings in comfort. She accepted her coffee with a smile and sat back to enjoy it.
The hairdresser began running her fingers appraisingly through Matthew’s hair. He wriggled in his chair slightly, enjoying the attention.

Turning to Rowena the stylist made a couple of suggestions and Rowena nodded her approval.

As the hairdresser turned away to gather her tools Matthew’s hands sneaked out from under the coverall and he began reaching for something on the counter in front of him.
“Leave it alone” the hairdresser caught him as she turned back. His fingers dropped, a guilty expression on his face, a child caught stealing sweeties.
The hairdresser placed her hand on his head as she began to cut his hair.

The other haircut was complete and as the blonde stylist moved across the salon to complete the transaction Matthew’s head turned to follow her.
“Sit still please” the hairdresser was insistent but polite.
Rowena put down her coffee and crossed the salon. She whispered something quietly to the girl and smiling returned to her vantage point.

The other customer had left now and the blonde girl returned to her station and began tidying up. Matthew’s head turned once more.

“Enough” the brunette’s eyes looked sternly at him. “You need to learn to sit still”. Taking Matthew’s arm she pulled him to his feet. Before he knew what was happening he was leaning forwards, nose pressed against the mirror, her hand on the small of his back. Picking up a hair brush she began applying it firmly to his bottom.

“Ow”, Matthew protested.
After delivering half a dozen firm strokes she turned to look at Rowena who was watching calmly.
“Carry on” she told her, “he needs to be taught a lesson”.
The hairdresser simply yanked down his trousers and boxer shorts and laid into him with the brush again. Matthew could do nothing but yelp weakly, gazing too closely at his own reflection.

The blonde girl came across to join them.
“My turn” she demanded.
He was turned round now, with his trousers still around his ankles, forced to bend over the chair he had so recently been sitting in. The blonde girl started to spank him, in this instance with her bare hand, until Matthew’s bottom was glowing a rosy red.

Her hand obviously sore, she ceased her discipline and disappeared into the back of the shop. Meanwhile her colleague was reapplying the hairbrush with enthusiasm. Matthew softly whimpered with each stroke.

Suddenly the brunette paused to look up.
“Oh, yes my dear” Rowena’s voice carried across the room full of amusement and approval. Matthew twisted under his tormentor’s hands but could not see what she was looking at.

Suddenly he felt something pressing against his ass. Firm, unyielding and invading.
“No. No you mustn’t” he objected but no one was listening to him.
The blonde girl slid her lunchtime banana slowly into his ass and began to fuck him with it. Matthew continued to protest but his hips were already tilting as he pushed back against it.

“Wank yourself. Make yourself cum” Rowena had come over to watch the show and her voice whispered insistently in his ear. Obediently he took hold of his cock and began wanking it. As he was fucked his motions grew faster until with a little gasp he cried out, shooting cum all over the seat beneath him.

He trembled there for a moment as the banana was finally withdrawn. Then, with a smile, the hairdresser turned him round once more and pushed him down to sit in the chair; his bare bottom against the rapidly cooling sticky patch he had just made.
“Now, let’s finish cutting your hair”.

A Last Goodnight

I wouldn’t really describe this as a sexual fantasy, rather it is a story of love expressed in a peculiarly unique way. It may not be to all tastes but is a story I wanted to explore.

It was the end of the day. A very special day spent together as lovers and friends, but now the sun was setting and it was time for a different kind of loving.
“It’s time for your bath Little One” she told her partner as she stroked his grey hair.
He looked up at his Domme as she stood beside his chair. She looked down at him in return, her eyes full of love. She bent down and kissed his forehead tenderly.

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A Shower on a Summer’s Evening

It was a balmy summer’s evening. Rowena sat on a chair in the secluded garden enjoying the last rays of the sun. On a table by her side a glass of Pimms rested, full of fruit and ice. She picked it up and sipped it; then looked down at the decking and smiled.

Kneeling beside her on the decking Matthew was naked save for a narrow collar. He was on all fours; lapping from a bowl by her feet. He smiled up at her happily and she smiled back.

“Enjoying your Pimms?” she asked, and he nodded enthusiastically, wriggling his hips as if he had a tail to wag.

Rowena patted him on the head gently and continued to sip her drink slowly.

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Your Pet

I don’t normally write age play, but this just seemed to fit.

Rowena looked down at her puppy Matthew sitting at her feet. She smiled and patted his head. He looked up adoringly at her.

“Good boy” she praised him, “now lets play”.

She walked to the other side of the room and called to him.

“Here Matthew, come here” she bent down holding out her arms.

Matthew bounded across the room to her on all fours. She hugged his naked body with delight, and he wriggled against her with puppyish excitement.

“Chase me” she ordered, letting go of him and climbing onto the sofa.

Matthew followed her onto the furniture. Putting eager puppy paws on her shoulders he pushed her down and began to lick her face. Rowena giggled and squirmed.

The door opened and Bryan walked in. He took one look at the two of them sprawled on the sofa.

“Rowena” he roared, “What did I tell you about your pet?”

Rowena looked crestfallen. “Not on the sofa, Daddy” she said quietly.

“Well?” he replied watching her.

She sat up, and hugged Matthew. She pointed to the floor.

“Down” she told him, “Sit”.

Matthew climbed off the sofa and assumed a puppy posture on the floor. Rowena climbed down too, and hugged him tightly arms around his neck.

“Please be good” she whispered, “or I’ll be in more trouble”.

Bryan walked across to them and sat down on the sofa.

“Now come here” he told Rowena. She came and stood go front of him looking slightly defiant.

“I told you, that you were responsible for looking after your pet, didn’t I?” he asked her. She nodded sulkily. He looked at her and waited for an answer.

“Yes, Daddy” she admitted finally.

“Then you need to be punished” he told her firmly, patting his lap in a gesture which she understood all too well.

She lay herself over his lap. Bryan lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down to her thighs, Rowena buried her head into the sofa.

Smack. Bryan’s hand came down firmly on Rowena’s bottom and she yelped. He began spanking her firmly, one hand holding the small of her back as she earnestly wriggled to get away.

“Please, Daddy, stop. I’ll be good” she begged. Her bottom was glowing red under his hand. When she started sobbing he finally relented. Watching her as she lay meekly over his lap for a moment.

“Stand up” he told her.

She struggled to her feet, and he turned her away from him, tucking her skirt into her waistband, leaving her bottom exposed. He told her to go and stand go the corner. She started walking, her hands reaching to adjust her panties, still around her thighs.

“Leave your panties where they are” he warned her. She shuffled awkwardly across the room. Her bottom on display, her face to the wall.

Bryan turned to Matthew still sitting patiently on the floor. He gestured to him, indicating that he might go to the woman standing in the corner.

Matthew released, crawled across the room, a curious puppy. He pushed his nose eagerly against Rowena’s bottom.

She felt him nuzzling her, but was not allowed to speak, she knew. She shifted her stance slightly parting her thighs a little, pushing her sore bottom towards him slightly.

Matthew sniffed, inhaling her sex. His tongue began to explore as best it could the folds of her, tasting her dampness, and feeling her twist slightly in response.

Rowena moaned softly. Corner time had never been so delightful or frustrating.

“You may come out now”, Bryan told her finally, and she turned gratefully.

She crouched down to hug her devoted puppy, and looked across the room, uncertain whether to hump her darling puppy or beg for Daddy’s cock…