The Will Of The Goddess

He was a slave. Kept in the temple pens his duties were light, his life simple. Then he had been dragged aside by the slave mistress, locked in a cage and left for two days and nights with nothing but a bowl of water. He had begged for food but she had said he would be fed “when it pleased the Goddess”.

Then two women in white robes came for him. They pulled him out, stripped his tunic from him and took him to a wash room and watched while he cleansed himself under their instructions. When they were satisfied they fastened his wrists and led him away. Continue reading “The Will Of The Goddess”

No Need To Cum

Nic from ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ recently wrote about her difficulty orgasming and bemoaning the tendency of erotica to portray the simultaneous orgasm with unreasonable regularity. I’m certainly often guilty of that too, a fact I realised some time ago when I came to realise that my own sexual activity often ends perfectly happily, without guilt or frustration, but most importantly without orgasm. So I set myself the task then to write a piece that reflects that and finally, prompted by these thoughts, I’ve completed it.

“Come here”, he swept her swiftly into his arms and held her tight. She tilted her head back and kissed him.

His hands roamed over her skin as she pressed closely against him. She felt his erection pressing against her and moved a hand down to stroke it gently.
With a smiling shared glance they moved to the bed. They lay down and shared a kiss, pressing the length of their bodies together as they did so.

With a sudden urgency she pushed her hands against his shoulders pushing him down onto his back. She straddled him quickly and sank down onto him sighing with satisfaction as his cock drove deep into her. She rocked back and forwards her hips tilting with their own natural rhythm. She threw her arms out for balance as she moved, moaning softly at the pleasure she felt.

With a cheeky smile she dismounted, now rolling on to her back alongside him. His hand came up to stroke her face gently before he pulled himself up. His body arched over hers and she shivered at the promise of it.

With deft hands he pulled her gently towards the centre of the bed, raising her legs and positioning himself behind her thighs. She moaned again as he entered her, her hands reached up to caress him as he thrust slowly and deeply into her.

His rhythm changed, becoming more urgent and her cries grew louder as the force of his lovemaking increased. Together their bodies thrust together with increasing urgency. Eventually he paused. A moment of stillness. She caught her breath underneath him.

A shift in position. Pillows moved, legs grasped. She gasped as he plunged in yet again. He continued his motion until she was breathless, voiceless and wide eyed.

“You’ve had enough” he smiled. She didn’t contradict him, she could barely move. She smiled back in delight.
“Rest now” she assured him.
He moved aside to let her legs drop and to stretch himself beside her. She held out her arms and he wrapped himself closely around her.
“Thank you my love” she whispered.
He held her close as they began to doze together.


I am awake. It’s four o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. I lie in bed, thinking.

I come into your room. I push open your door, and move straight to the bed. My hand covers your mouth, preventing you crying out, controlling your breathing. With my other hand I reach under the duvet and find your cock. It is semi-hard already, as you are lost in your own dreams, but I stroke it gently until it stiffens further.

One hand still across your face, I resist your sleepy struggles. Throwing back the duvet I reach my body down to take your cock in my mouth and suck it briefly until your body flexes under me.

Quickly moving position, I straddle you now. I guide your cock into me; sighing as I feel its length fill me. I shift my grip to your throat, tilting your head back, restricting your breath as I ride you. One hand snakes between my legs and I stroke my clit as I continue to rock upon you. My breath is as ragged as yours as I take myself over the edge, trembling as orgasm takes me.

I relax my grip on your throat, my body falling forward to lie against yours. I whisper my praise; you are my Good Boy, your cock at my service and you have served me well.

Well satisfied I dismount and gently pull the duvet back over you. Sleep now my Little One and thank you.

Time Well Spent

She was naked while the woman who stood before her was fully clothed. A part of her wondered why she had done this, agreed to submit to this woman that in many ways she hardly knew. ‘It’s only for two hours’ she reassured herself but her watch lay with the neat pile of clothes in another room on the other side of the locked door.

The room was windowless but it was painted white and well lit, she wished it had been darker so she felt less exposed. Against the white the darkness of the few pieces of furniture was a stark contrast, each with attachment bolts and suddenly looking ominous. As if her fearful glances had been noticed the Domme led her to the cross against the wall and buckled her wrists and ankles in place, leaving her facing the wall, stretched in an ‘X’ and unable to see what was happening behind her. Continue reading “Time Well Spent”

Playing Puppies

There was a knock at the door. Liam opened it to reveal Rowena standing on the step looking both excited and nervous.
“Come in” he invited her warmly.
He showed her to a room where he told her to get naked. Then he showed her a narrow pink leather collar.
“This is your puppy collar” he explained, “once you’re wearing it I expect nothing but puppy behaviour”.
“Yes, Sir” Rowena agreed quietly. They were to be her last words for a while.
Liam told her to get down on all fours and when she had done so he fastened the collar around her throat.
“Your puppy name is ‘Lady'” he instructed her. Rowena nodded to show she understood. Continue reading “Playing Puppies”