Am I A Domme When I’m Ill

I’m not feeling great at the moment. It’s nothing more serious than a cold but between the cough, sinus pain, and general feeling of exhaustion I’ve been struggling to get through the last few days. Yet, while I feel pretty dreadful I still have a beautiful submissive Boy who, I feel, deserves far more attention from me than he is currently getting.

This would probably be getting me down more if I hadn’t read a blog a long time ago (that I can sadly no longer find) of a submissive and his Mistress. I remember that she was long term sick, I think possibly confined to a wheelchair, yet they managed to sustain a D/s relationship.

I recall him writing, explaining how she was unable to do much physically to him although she would occasionally employ a proxy to play with him at her direction. Instead their dynamic had shifted to a largely service oriented one in which his submission was to take care of her.

At the time (and I was still submissive myself in those days) I was struck by the affection in his writing, in his acceptance of the limitations of their situation and the way in which they made the relationship work despite the difficulties.

Now other aspects occur to me too. I am, after all, never physically stronger than my submissive even when I am well. His service is his choice and treasured for all that. I am still his Domme however, shaping our world, giving us a place where we can love in our own way.

Something to hold on to until I feel well enough to abuse him more thoroughly.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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