I Want To See Your Face

I’m always keen to try new things. Sometimes you find a new favourite and at the very least you learn something about yourself.

MaskI had the opportunity to put Mat in a latex mask. Well I say ‘put’, in practice it required him to actually put it on himself. I definitely love the look and feel of latex. His red straitjacket is one of my favourite toys and I love not only seeing him in it but also looking after it, polishing it and taking care of it.

He put on the mask and I took the opportunity to take some photographs, musing as I did so that this was one of the rare occasions that I could take a picture of Mat’s face and publish it here.

Jazz Hands The latex felt wonderful to stroke and it was certainly interesting hiding his identity away but at the same time I felt uncomfortable with the transformation. It didn’t take away who Mat was, even blindfolded he was still the exhibitionist, posing for me and for my camera, but I felt that I had lost touch with him.

I could no longer see his face, read his emotions or reactions. I felt cut off from him.

I think I understand the appeal to the wearer of such a mask. Losing yourself in anonymity, faceless with no need for shame, no need to be a person, able to be objectified, and that’s aside from the sheer tactile pleasure of it all.

As a Domme though, I felt lost. I’m happy to objectify my boy on occasion. He makes a very fine footstool I assure you. For me though, I need it to be him I’m abusing. Everything is in the relationship we share.

So after he took off the mask I spent a large part of the evening petting him, stroking his face and hair, holding him and that felt right to me. Because to know he’s mine I have to be able to see him.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “I Want To See Your Face”

  1. The idea of wearing a mask and losing one’s self in anonymity seems intriguing to me. To become a nameless and faceless piece of meat that needs punishment, from someone else whom the recipient cannot see. I wonder what kind of darkness exists within a submissive who needs this kind of release?

    1. I understand the need to lose one’s identity into darkness. I think submission often involves that transformation in some form or another.
      The submissive finds their own way into a mental space where they can lose their everyday identity. For some people the physical transformation can be an easy trigger to that space I think.
      I find it harder to relate to the idea of a Domme who wants to torment a nameless body rather than a person but perhaps because that is something I have little experience of.

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