Only Cheating Yourself

This isn’t really erotica as much as some thoughts about submission, honesty and the internet. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got this really great idea for a website…

Sam was looking for a Domme. He wasn’t ready to meet anyone in person just yet but he wanted to experiment with his submissive side. He saw a link to a website which looked promised to match him up with his perfect Domme who would supply him with tasks and punishments via their website.

He signed up straight away and began to fill in the complex form. It asked questions about likes and dislikes including hard limits. It also asked about his schedule, when was he usually at a computer, when was his time free. He waded through the survey determinedly. Finally when he had finished, he submitted the form and was met with a message telling him he would be assigned a domme very soon.

With no real idea how the website worked, Sam was impatient to begin. He checked the site almost every hour. Finally the following morning he was delighted to receive a message from his new Domme.
It was an introduction, with a picture of her looking hot in some quantity of black latex (something Sam had put down as a fetish of his) and at the end of the introduction was his first task.
“You are to wank to orgasm. From now on you are only to wank when so instructed”.

Sam did as he was told. When he had finished he went straight to his computer to send the message to say he had completed his task. Impatiently he waited for the next missive from his new Domme.
The following day he received another instruction which he followed faithfully and so began a routine which came to dominate his days.

He received a variety of instructions, some of which involved household items, others required him to purchase a toy, which would be used in a later task. Some involved pain, some pleasure. Still the feedback he received from his Domme was brief and to the point. She never asked about his life, nor he noticed, did she deign to answer the few questions he dared to ask her about hers.

Sam became a little irritable and disillusioned.

One day he received an order to wear a butt plug when he went out of the house. It was a task he had received before but on this occasion he was heading out to meet friends and grumpily decided he didn’t want to deal with the distraction. He set off, feeling slightly guilty, and went into town. After a slightly boozy lunch he came home, still wondering what he should tell his Domme. In the end he decided it would be best to say nothing at all.

The next day his next task arrived in his in-box. He was to use clothes-pegs on his nipples and wank. He fetched the pegs and settled down in his bedroom but when he tried to clip the pegs on his nipples it hurt too much. He left them on one side and wanked anyway.

So began a new phase in his “submission” as he received tasks but often didn’t complete them or indeed even start them. He mentioned none of this to his Domme and she never asked.

One day he was reading through some kinky blogs, looking for dirty pictures, when he stumbled onto a discussion on online domination. The commenter was scathing in his criticism of online relationships, culminating in pointing out that there were sites like FindMyDom where the ‘dom’ wasn’t even real and the tasks were generated by computer. Sam was both embarrassed and furious. How could he have been fooled? How could he have been persuaded to do kinky things by a mere computer?

As he fumed over this revelation a notification popped up in the lower corner of his screen. It was a new task from his ‘Domme’. Despite himself, he clicked on the notification and read the email…

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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