SpareParts Tomboi – Review

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that I was sent this item free to review. However this review expresses my own personal and honest opinion and experience.

As someone who has been using a strap-on for a while now, I naturally have an interest in harnesses. It was only recently that I came across a reference to SpareParts and became interested in their products. The Tomboi fascinated me, it is a harness which looks at first glance like boys underwear. They have a wide waistband and are made of nylon and spandex making them both boyish and yet also what Mat would refer to as ‘licky knickers’.Tomboi

The fact that they are underwear style rather than being made up of straps and buckles means that unlike other harnesses which come in a ‘one size fits all’ variant these are sized. The spare parts website has detailed instructions and a helpful video to aid you in choosing a size and it’s worth taking care over.
The first part is simple enough, measure around your hips and compare the measurement to the chart they provide. The second part is more subjective, requiring you to assess yourself in terms of ‘moon shapes’. I struggled with this and indeed required a second and third opinion, the last of which was brave enough to tell me I was a ‘three-quarter moon’ which meant going up a size. I found the sizing slightly distressing. I’m usually a UK size 12-14 which while not petite is not hugely fat either, so ending up deciding I was an XL in the Tomboi felt uncomfortable and left me wondering if I’d really understood the sizing correctly.

They arrived packed in a simple plastic pouch with a cardboard insert looking for all the world simply like a pair of posh underpants. I was frustrated to read that the packaging said ‘wash before use’. It didn’t feel really necessary to do so but I did anyway and waited impatiently for them to dry!

Finally I got to try them on. At this point the agonising over the sizing paid off. I slipped the Tomboi straight on; they felt silky, sexy and comfortable and yes, they fitted. I could easily wear them as underwear under clothes if I wanted to go out ‘prepared for action’ so to speak. After strutting around in them with a smile, it was time to try them with a dildo.

Inner ViewThe front of the harness consists of two overlapping layers of mesh behind the rubber O-ring. There is also a tiny inner pocket in case you need to carry a condom or an emergency fiver (perhaps not). The O-ring itself initially seemed very small and I was uncertain how my biggest dildo (which is about 1.5″/4cm in diameter) would fit. I pulled the harness down slightly, separated the mesh layers, slid the dildo against the hole and was pleasantly surprised when it slipped quite easily through into place. I slipped the mesh back behind the dildo and pulled the Tomboi up again onto my hips.
The dildo sat firmly and comfortably in place, the whole process so much simpler than slipping into my existing harness and trying to fasten the buckles.

Still I hadn’t really tested this yet at all. My Boy goTomboi With Dildot on all fours and I moved in behind him. As I fucked him there was some movement of the fabric between my legs, which I have to admit seemed to be rubbing things nicely. The dildo sat firmly in place and I was pleased to note that the impact did not cause any chafing of the mesh against my pussy, in fact it felt very comfortable.

Next I got Mat to lie on his back and I lifted his legs into the air and slid into him, face to face, looking down at him. This is one of my favourite positions to fuck him in but usually I can do this for only a few seconds before he complains about discomfort from the buckles and straps of my harness. This time there were no complaints and I was able, for the first time, to spend a long time making love to him like this. That simple fact makes me love my Tomboi so much.

When we had finished I pulled out carefully. Because the harness is not wipe clean I took more care than usual to wipe the dildo clean of lube before removing it as it has to pass back through the mesh layers. Although as it can simply be thrown in the washing machine after use this was more fastidiousness on my part than from any real need.

The Tomboi also came with a little black zip-up pouch, presumably for storage. It’s a nice extra but I can’t see me using it normally. I want my harness to be easy to grab at a moments notice after all.

In summary then, the Tomboi is comfortable, easy to use and has just, I suspect, become my preferred harness for day to day use.

Manufacturers statistics:

Materials: 77% Nylon / 23% Spandex
Product Care: Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle
Low Waist*: 26″ (XS) – 52″ (3X)
Toy Size (diameter): 3.17–5.71 cm (1.25–2.25″)
Toy Size (circumference): 9.97 – 18.0 cm (3.92 – 7.07″)

*plus the variation for ‘moon-shape’ of course.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

6 thoughts on “SpareParts Tomboi – Review”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog! Have you tried your harness with the share double dildo? My boyfriend and I recently got a share and it’s AMAZING! Funfactory markets it as harness free, but we found the extra support to be helpful. Extra bonus in that there’s less of a chance for cross contamination if he’s riding me. XD

  2. Hi, I am a 5′ 1.5″ tall 125 lb trans man with a slim size body and a little extra in the booty dept. I Measured just below the hip/pelvis and got 33 inches. I don’t know whether to get a small or medium. Help please & thank you 🙂

    1. It’s impossible to be sure without seeing your, um…booty, but 33″ would be a medium and given your description sounds about right.
      Do check out the videos on the SpareParts website (link in the post) as their sizing video is very helpful. Let me know how you get on.

      1. I watched the vid a few times, but I’m still not sure just how big my butt is haha! It’s small I guess, but sticks out. I might have to post a pic…I just want to be sure before I blow 80 bucks, you know? I’m also looking at the RodeOH. I’m only using a small, lightweight anal starter dildo at the moment so I’m not sure I need the tomboi, but it would be nice to have the high quality, snug fit for maximum control.

      2. If you have a good side-on photo I’ll take a look. Have you asked your partner what they think of your shape?
        I love the Tomboi but I’d be fascinated to compare it to the RodeoH, perhaps one day I’ll be able to review it.

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