Don’t Call Me Bad Domme*

Mat often says “Bad Domme” to me, as a term of endearment. It means I’ve been the right sort of evil to him. I take it as a compliment and throw it back playfully to him on occasion. Still, I’m not always entirely comfortable being described that way.

On the other hand, I’ve been feeling for a long while now that my current on-line identity no longer fits. Names that were chosen when I was purely submissive, chafe and seem uncomfortable now. I need to describe myself better, here and elsewhere.

The trouble is I struggle to define myself. I am loathe to describe myself as “Mistress” or “Domme” I don’t want to feel limited by that. I want to be a good Domme to my boy, but that is not all I am; and I am Mistress to him only, not to the world in general.
I also don’t want to be “Bad”. So many words used to describe kink are negative ones. I don’t want to be “Naughty”, “Dirty” or “Wicked”. I want to be good, loving, caring, kinky, fun, playful, adventurous, sexy, sadistic (in a good way) and loved.
Now if only I can find a name to say all that.

*Obviously Mat can continue to call me Bad Domme all he wants. That’s very different.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Bad Domme*”

  1. Good Lord, we can’t be having you chaffed! Your name should be about you and who you are. If you’re evil, let your name proclaim as much. If you’re fluffy, let it shout to the world that you are so.

    So take your time, mull it over, wait until you find the name that fits you perfectly and doesn’t make your bum look big in it.

    sev xxx xxx

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