Medical Masturbation

Rob had signed up for a medical study on human sexuality. It didn’t sound too onerous at all. Spend a week staying in a medical research ward being looked after, fed and wanking occasionally. Best of all he would be paid for the privilege.

He arrived at the hospital early one morning. The nurse on duty at the reception desk was a pretty little blonde thing. Rob smiled at her warmly, he had no doubt that she would figure in his wanking fantasies that week. She gave him several forms to fill out, medical questionnaires and a consent form. He didn’t read too closely, merely signing and returning them with a flirtatious grin.
Then he was told to sit and wait for a while, until he was be called in to see the doctor running the study.

A tall brunette wearing glasses and a white coat over a smart suit came into the waiting room.
“I’m Doctor Marsh”, she said warmly holding out her hand. Rob rose to his feet and shook hands with her politely before following her into her small office.
After explaining the study and the routines which Rob would be expected to follow the doctor produced something which looked like a wristwatch.
“You need to wear this during your stay. It will monitor you so that we can record your physical state and your activity. We can also tell if you take it off. If you do so you will be removed from the study without compensation”.
Rob took the device and fastened it on his right wrist as she watched.

The doctor led him out onto the ward and gave him into the care of another nurse, an older lady with greying hair and a motherly smile. She showed him to his room which contained only a hospital bed, a small trolley and a locker in the corner of the room.
“You can put all your possessions in the locker” the nurse explained as she handed him a gown, “then put this on so it fastens at the front”.
She left the room while Rob stripped naked and put on the gown, then he gathered his clothes together and placed them and the contents of his pockets neatly in the locker. There seemed to be no way of fastening it shut. He sat down nervously on the bed. After a few moments the nurse returned. She looked at him approvingly before producing a padlock and bending to the locker, clicked it shut. Rob watched helplessly as she sealed away his clothes, his wallet, his car keys and his mobile phone.

The routine itself was simple. He was expected to wank at specified times and to undergo tests or answer questionnaires to evaluate his reactions and state of mind. Magazines and even a computer with access to certain porn sites were provided
to help him to climax. He had got a stern telling off from the blonde nurse when he had attempted to see if he could access a news website but it had been in vain, all non-porn sites were decidedly blocked.
For some of the sessions the wanking material was restricted to a specific magazine or site, yet whatever the material provided he found the resultant fantasies tended to involve the medical staff around him.

By day three he felt exhausted. He had described himself proudly on the initial form as ‘highly sexed’ but he had never attempted to masturbate with such prolonged frequency before. One session had involved him masturbating continuously for an hour to reach as many orgasms as possible. He had discovered then how closely the device still strapped to his wrist monitored him. When his arm had grown tired and his motion had slowed a nurse had appeared at the doorway and mocked him, urging him to “try harder”.

Rob had been left alone in what he referred to irreverently as the wanking room. He paced around restlessly feeling frustrated and resentful. How could they expect him to wank yet again, to perform on command for them.
At the nurses station the output of his device was being monitored. When it failed to record the characteristic motion pattern the nurse decided it was time to give this patient a little more direct encouragement.

The nurse came into the room and looked at him sternly.
“It’s time for you to wank Rob”, she told him seriously.
Rob looked at her guiltily, suddenly unable to meet her eyes.
“I can’t…” he began pitifully.
“Can’t or won’t?”, she was having no truck with his resistance, “you are going to wank for me now and if you even think of refusing I will have two of the medical orderlies outside come in, one to hold you down and one to masturbate you until you orgasm”.
Nervously he glanced towards the corridor and back towards the woman’s determined face. He had no doubt she would call the men in to do as she had threatened. He gulped and decided not to tempt such humiliation.
“It’s all right, nurse”, he said meekly, “I’ll do it”.
The nurse said nothing, merely folded her arms across her chest and stood there watching.
For a moment Rob hesitated, was she really expecting him to wank there in front of her? He started to turn away.
“No”, she snapped, “you stay where I can see you”.

Blushing he turned back towards her, his head bowed so he didn’t have to meet her eyes. His hand moved down to part his gown and grasp his penis. His blush deepened as he realised it was already stiffening. He began to stroke it rapidly, wanting to get this performance over with. As the physical pleasure surged through his brain he forgot himself enough to look up, straight into the eyes of the nurse. Her gaze gripped him and he stayed transfixed as his hand worked on his cock.
Her eyes became the centre of his universe as he came closer to the edge, then suddenly he was moaning “Nurse, nurse” as his cum shot over the floor towards her. He doubled over in pleasure and shame.
“Good boy”, her voice was coolly dismissive, “you can go along to see the doctor now”.
Still blushing, he obeyed.

He blushed even more when the doctor asked him to describe his wanking session, he stumbled over the words as he told her what had happened. He made no attempt to lie, he had no doubt the nurse would give a thorough account later and he didn’t want to incur any further displeasure. He was grateful when he was allowed to sit down at a terminal for yet another reaction time test.

Chastened by the experience Rob was a model patient for the next couple of days. He undertook to perform to their satisfaction at every opportunity. He wondered privately however if when he was released he would ever wank again.

Then with only a day to go until the study ended he was faced with a new trial. The nurse strode into the room and presented him with a sample pot.
“You’re to fill this”, she told him.
Rob took it obediently and waited for her to leave the room. When she didn’t go he looked at her doubtfully.
“Now”, she urged him severely, “don’t keep me waiting”.
“Yes Nurse” he mumbled and took hold of his cock shamefacedly. He had no choice but to wank furiously, hideously aware of the nurse’s gaze boring into him. As he began to tremble and his face flushed red as he neared his climax she reminded him that he was to fill the pot. Somehow he managed to hold it in place as he came, shuddering with pleasure.
When he had regathered his senses he held out the slightly sticky pot towards the nurse. She regarded him steadily,
“Go and take it to the doctor”.

He turned immediately and went to the doctor’s office. As usual he knocked, and she called for him to come in. Her glance went to the pot in his hand but she beckoned him to his usual seat where he had been questioned so many times this past week. He sank down gratefully.
“How do you feel about semen?” she asked him.
He looked puzzled, “I don’t know” he suggested.
her head nodded towards the pot in his hand, “Drink it”.
“Drink it; all of it”, the expression on her face made it clear she wasn’t joking.
Hesitantly he raised the pot to his lips and reluctantly tipped it into his mouth. He pulled a face at the unfamiliar taste and texture. A glance at the doctor’s face made it clear that spitting it out would not be well received. He closed his eyes and swallowed.
When he opened them again she was regarding him with her pen in her hand.
“Now, how do you feel about semen?”

The last day of the study seemed to go so fast. It seemed suddenly no time at all until he was back in the doctor’s office for his final interview. He sat down in the chair and finally unfastened the monitoring device from his wrist and handed it back to the doctor.
“We’d like to invite you back for a day in about six months for a follow up interview” she told him with a wicked grin, “in the meantime here’s a pot for you to make sure you remember what you taste like.”. He blushed and took it uncertainly.
“The nurse will give you your things now”, she smiled warmly, “good luck Rob”.
Slightly dazed he followed the nurse from the office looking down bemusedly at the pot in his hand. He was quite sure that wanking would never be the same again.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

4 thoughts on “Medical Masturbation”

  1. I’d be in such trouble as it takes me aaaaaaaaages to cum – and how embarrassing would it be if I came quickly when the medical orderlies wanked me?
    Eek!! Hot story.
    sev xxx xxx

  2. What a hot story! My Mistress has nor desire to make me eat my cum ever, and frankly I have never had any desire to do it either. Somehow though, the notion of having to do it every time I ejaculate, like some other sub husbands are required to do, is hot.

  3. Great story – no doubt I would love to take part in research like this . Such a turn on thinking about cumming while the nurse watches you

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