Being A Domme

So you want to be a Domme? You think it’ll be lovely; a submissive to serve you, to pleasure you, to take whatever pain or pleasure you wish. Here’s what they don’t tell you.

  • You will spend hours organising your time and his. As Domme it’s your responsibility to organise play dates and to arrange to take him to events.
  • You will need a packing list. Not only will you be packing toys (Flogger? Rope? Cuffs?) but also clothes for you both and all manner of other essentials.
  • You will end up carrying heavy bags of toys. Sure, he’s your submissive, he could do it but when he’s tied over some piece of equipment or blindfolded in a dungeon, trust me, you’ll be carrying your own kit. Plus do you really want to give him a chance to find out which toys you packed?
  • You will be providing cake. Find out what your submissive prefers because it’ll be your job to supply it after a play session or whenever they need it. Believe me, subs get fractious if they don’t get enough cake.

Given all this you might wonder why anyone would bother, why take on such a responsibility? Because, when your boy looks up at you with a mixture of love and pain, when he says “thank you Mistress” after each and every stroke. When he kneels gratefully at your feet with his head in your lap, then, oh yes, you’ll hold him tight and willingly do it all again.

Of course, your submissive may have a slightly different view of things.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

5 thoughts on “Being A Domme”

  1. You know, the husband must be supersub after all! He carries the bag. Once he’s chained to something, the bag has been carried and put where I want it and doesn’t move til we’re done and packing it back up again. Also he provides his own food and drink for after play. He generally also supplies my food and drink after play as well. I do admit he’s rubbish at putting the toys away again. I do that or I can’t find them next time I want them. I think I can live with that. 🙂

    1. Lucky you, he does sound like a supersub.
      Mind you, I think I prefer being in control of those things when we play. Practicality then, should be my concern. I want my Boy to relax and just be submissive.
      And to achieve that, I do have to be organised and ordered, or he would want to tidy everything!

      Caitlin xx

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