Earning On His Own

A sequel to: Earning His Domme’s Approval and Earning So Much More

When his Domme arrived at his door he was not surprised. He got into the car both relaxed and apprehensive, he was hers to use, to whore, after all.
When she turned off the usual road he was startled.
“Where are we going?” he forgot himself so far as to ask.
She looked round for a moment, disapproving, but she did not answer him.
He subsided into shamed silence.

They pulled up at the railway station. She pulled into the pickup zone and stopped the engine.
“Wait here”, she got out and went into the ticket office leaving the so familiar music playing in the car. When she returned she walked to the passenger door and opened it.
“Get out”, she instructed him.
He did as he was asked, not too hesitantly.
His Domme held out a ticket to him.
“Here’s your ticket. You will be met at the other end by a man who will say ‘your Domme sent you’, go with him and provide him with whatever service he requires. Your mouth and your ass are his to use today. I will meet you from the train when you return.”
For a moment he looked blankly at her, confused, before swallowing hard.
“Yes, Mistress”, he would obey her in all things as usual.

She led him on to the platform and waited with him for the train holding his hand as though he were a little boy going to school.
As the train pulled in she ruffled his hair gently.
“My good little whore”, she reassured him.
He stepped obediently onto the train. Turning he waved at her as it pulled out, she was watching and waving in return. When the station was out of sight he swallowed hard and went to find a seat.

The train was fairly empty and he found himself a window seat. Looking out he wondered what would be required of him, who he was being given to. As he remembered the services he had been forced to offer in the past, the cocks he had sucked blindly, and the strangers who had fucked him while his Domme held him in place for them, he moved his hands into his lap to hide his growing erection.

As the train approached his destination excitement began to be replaced by apprehension. His jaw was tight as he stepped off the train. He looked around as other departing passengers left the platform, some alone, some with loved ones, who was he to go with?

“Your Domme sent you to me” a calm voice behind him made him spin round in surprise.
The speaker was a man in his mid-twenties with sandy coloured hair flopping softly over his brow. He was smiling pleasantly but his friendly blue eyes held a hint of steel.
“Yes…”, a submissive hesitation, how was he to address this stranger?
As if reading his thoughts, the man smiled further, “You may call me Dan”.
Dan turned and led the way to the station car park and ushered him into his car. The drive was short and they did not speak.
He sat in the passenger seat glancing over at Dan as he drove. A thrill of fear went through him as he realised this was the first time he had seen the man who would use him.
Dan let them into a small house. Closing the door behind them he turned his head casually towards his nervous guest.
“Strip”, he commanded.
A moments hesitation, was he really going to go through with this? The memory of his Domme’s hand in his hair, of her calling him a ‘good little whore’ brought a flicker of a smile as he undressed swiftly where he stood.

once naked he relaxed; obedience was simple.
“Suck me”, Dan stood there waiting.
He went to him, dropping to his knees to unfasten his belt and trousers, to pull out the cock waiting there for him already slightly engorged. Leaning forward a little he took it in his mouth. He would give the most pleasure he could.
As his tongue worked he could hear the pleased moans and sighs from above him. He closed his eyes shutting himself into more familiar darkness and concentrated on his work.
Suddenly he felt fingers tangled in his hair holding him still.
“Enough” Dan’s voice was hoarse as his hands pushed the submissive’s head back.
“Come with me”.
Unsteadily he rose from his knees and followed Dan down the hallway. The room he was led to was obviously a dining room but a towel had been folded over the edge of the otherwise empty dining table.
“Bend over”, Dan gestured but the words and action were almost unnecessary. He knew what he had to do.
Grateful for the towel he gripped the sides of the dining table firmly, closed his eyes and imagined again the familiar feel of his Domme’s hands in his hair.
He heard the faint sounds as Dan lubed up his cock, felt Dan’s hands on his buttocks as he spread him open ready to take him.
He gasped as he was penetrated, gripping the table as he was pushed forcibly against it.
Dan started thrusting into him rhythmically and he struggled to move in response.
“Your Domme said you were a good whore”, Dan’s voice seemed to come from far away, “I see she was right”.
He saw only darkness, his eyes were closed, he listened to Dan’s breathing, felt his cock invading him. This was why he had come here, this was his purpose, to be a whore, to be used, to make men cum and to please his Domme in so doing.
As Dan gave a loud gasp and shot his load into him he hoped that she would be pleased with him.

There was a moment of silence then Dan withdrew and stepped away.
“Get dressed”, Dan told the still motionless submissive, “I’ll drive you to the railway station”.

Awkwardly he stood and went out to the hallway to dress. He struggled to meet Dan’s gaze as he came out of the room car keys swinging in his hand. The journey to the station was silent, there was no small talk that could cover what had just happened.
At the station Dan smiled at him and passed him an envelope.
“This is for you” Dan offered, “your service was as good as I was led to believe”.
“Thank you”, he muttered in embarrassed reply as he took the envelope.

He got out of the car and headed into the station. A quick glance at the screen told him the next train was only five minutes away. There was a coffee stall on the station and he pondered having a drink but he had come out with his Domme expecting to serve and so carried nothing with him. He looked down at the envelope in his hand and opened it. He had been paid well for his services. He extracted a ten pound note and went to buy a very welcome coffee.

On the train back he sipped his coffee and pondered. His ass was full of a man’s spunk. A man he had been whored to, a man who had used him, a man whose face he had seen, a man his Domme had chosen.
Would she be pleased, would she be waiting? He leaned eagerly against the window and willed the train to go faster.

His Domme was standing under one of the lights on the platform as the train pulled in. He saw her before the train stopped as he stood by the carriage doors. When the train came to a halt he poked at the button impatiently until the doors opened and walked down the platform eagerly towards her.

He knelt wordlessly at her feet. Her hands cupped his face gently.
“My good little whore”, she told him softly, “I’ll take you home”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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