The Will Of The Goddess

He was a slave. Kept in the temple pens his duties were light, his life simple. Then he had been dragged aside by the slave mistress, locked in a cage and left for two days and nights with nothing but a bowl of water. He had begged for food but she had said he would be fed “when it pleased the Goddess”.

Then two women in white robes came for him. They pulled him out, stripped his tunic from him and took him to a wash room and watched while he cleansed himself under their instructions. When they were satisfied they fastened his wrists and led him away.
He was led in to the temple naked. The two handmaidens who held the end of the chains attached to his wrists stepped apart as they approached the altar.
A beautiful women dressed in a long scarlet robe with dark hair cascading loosely down her back stood in front of him.
He dropped to his knees before her.
“A gift for the Goddess” the handmaidens said formally.
The priestess looked him over solemnly before turning to the handmaidens.
“The sacrifice is accepted” she intoned solemnly.

The handmaidens led him now up the steps to the altar. Steps at one end allowed him to ascend it and walk upon its surface. When he reached the end a tug of those chains told him it was time to lie down. He shivered slightly at the cold stone against his flesh.
The women pulled the chains down now, fastening the ends to ring bolts set in the floor beside the altar. From two more bolts existing chains were lifted and wrapped around his ankles. They clattered noisily against the stone as they were fastened.
The priestess approached him now. In her hands she held a gag which she forced into his mouth and tightened swiftly, he was not allowed to speak.
She was handed a fine silk cord which she began to wrap tightly around his cock and balls. He stiffened under her attentions.
When she had finished tying she stepped back. The handmaidens stepped forward holding a large heavy white cloth between them. They raised it high and held it over the bound man before lowering it gently over him. A hole in the middle of the cloth allowed his erection to protrude. It was all that could be seen of him now.

The handmaidens came to stand beside the priestess now. One on each side they unfastened the clips at her shoulders and the red robe fell to the floor leaving the priestess naked.
Taking their hands the priestess walked up the steps of the altar. She stepped carefully with an air of practice until she straddled the sacrifice. She knelt down astride him and then lowered herself onto him. Her head went back as she began to rock herself on the waiting cock.
Lost in pleasure, she became the Goddess and this man was hers, given to her to use and enjoy. Nameless, faceless, a plaything for her pleasure.
Finally, panting for breath, she leaned forwards in satisfaction. Sitting up once more and held out her hands. The maidens came and steadying her helped her retrace her steps and walk down from the altar.

Once again robed in scarlet, she gestured that she was pleased. It was the will of the Goddess, he would be fed tonight.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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