Not Just A Hero

Iron ManThis is not in any way a film review so doesn’t contain any spoilers.
I recently went to see Iron Man 3. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film and a lovely piece of escapism. Yet one scene struck me particularly strongly.
In it Tony Stark moves close to Pepper Potts. He bows his head and rests it against her chest. Then he looks up at her adoringly while she strokes his face gently. “I’m going to have a shower” she tells him as she walks away and he looks momentarily forlorn until she adds firmly, “and you’re coming with me”.
In that moment I saw something beautiful in that relationship. Tony Stark is ‘Iron Man’, he is rich, successful, incredibly intelligent and a hero but he is also Pepper’s little boy and he needs her to look after him.

I’ve been very busy recently and play time with my Boy has been practically non-existent. But earlier that same day my boy had rested his head against my chest, looked up at me as I stroked his face and acknowledged that he was mine. And there is my truth, my hero and my little boy. So very loved and so very precious to me; no matter how busy I am.

The picture is of the surprise present my boy gave me that same day – Iron Man pyjama bottoms. Nothing could have been more perfect.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

3 thoughts on “Not Just A Hero”

  1. The most powerful and influential men often need their own escape, and releasing their power to a dominant female is often who they seek. Men who have the world at their fingers go through incredible amounts of stress, and they’re only release is a dominant female to abuse them.

    1. So much of this is about stress relief, about finding a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. I find mine with my boy’s head resting against me. We’re lucky when we find someone whose needs match ours.

      Caitlin x

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