Earning So Much More

A sequel to: Earning His Domme’s Approval

He was unsurprised when his Domme turned up at his door without warning. He didn’t hesitate to get in the car with her. He listened to the CD she played with a growing sense of familiarity. He expected the turn that took them out of town and into the countryside.

She would be taking him to a secluded car park where he would be expected to strip, be blindfolded, put on his knees and made to suck cock. He was becoming accustomed to servicing men he neither saw nor spoke to. He was his Domme’s whore, a fact reinforced by the money these anonymous men inevitably pressed into his hand. His services, his mouth, bought and paid for.

He lived with the constant sense of uncertainty. Every man he met, had they perhaps seen him naked on his knees, had they felt his mouth on their cock and shot their spunk onto his tongue? Did they know he was a whore? He would never know. In many ways he felt as though they had all used him. He had no control over who he pleasured. If they were the men who came to him in his solitary darkness he would serve them all.

These thoughts were interrupted as the car pulled up as expected in the deserted car park. With a nod from his Domme he stripped naked and sat quietly as he was blindfolded yet again. Together they sat listening to music and waiting.

There was the familiar sound of a car pulling up and he heard his Domme open her door in response. She came round to his door and opened it guiding him out and walking him across the gravel. The stones felt sharp under his feet and he was pleased when he stood on the rug which had been laid down to protect them.

“Bend over”, the sudden command startled and unnerved him. His Domme’s hand was in his hair bending him forward. She pushed him down until he realised he was lying over the bonnet of her car with it seemed another blanket over it for protection.

The familiar pattern broken he struggled slightly against her hand has he felt something cool being applied to his bottom.
“Good boy”, his Domme’s voice was gentle and reassuring, “take it like a good little whore”.

He struggled to calm himself as he felt something pushing against his ass, seeking to enter his body. He gasped as it pushed its way in. He stayed passive as it slowly forced its way in until he felt the press of flesh against his buttocks and he knew that he was fully impaled on this unknown cock.

He felt the man behind him withdraw slightly as they began to thrust in and out of his body. He clenched his fists, feeling his Domme’s hand still in his hair as he was fucked by this stranger.
“Good little whore”, his Domme’s voice reached him and reminded him who he was and what he was there for.

His body began to move, pushing back onto the invading cock, offering himself, if he must be used like this then he was determined to be a good fuck. The low moans behind him told him he was doing his job well and he continued his eager efforts. Suddenly he felt one deeper thrust and heard and felt the tremor as spunk was pumped deep into his ass.

After only a few seconds the cock was withdrawn and he moaned involuntarily at the sudden loss. Shaking slightly he lay still as he felt something pushed into his hand. He remained in place, still held by his Domme, as the stranger drove off into the night. Then he was released to stand upright, the blindfold removed.

He looked for a long moment at the envelope in his hand before opening it to find more money than he had ever received before.

He was not only a whore, he was a well used and a well paid one.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

5 thoughts on “Earning So Much More”

  1. Wow. I love this on so many levels. In one way i wish I was the Domme with a toy that would explore this with me .. and then on the other hand, I would love to be abused like this with the protection of a Dom. So very switch of me. Excellently written!

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my story. I’ll admit this one was written from the heart, I’d love to make something like this a reality for my Boy.

      In the meantime it’s a hot fantasy for me.

      Caitlin x

  2. Well I am suitably rewarded for delving into your archive! This enjoyably written story appeals to me for many reasons, my submissive fantasies as yet still largely unexplored, my hetero-flexible nature which has seen me enjoy both oral play and one fucking (As well as a few wonderful experiences of being fucked with a strap on) and my fascination with public sex. Needless to say this story wraps that all those up into one powerful fantasy for me and somewhere I would definitely go….

    1. I’m delighted if something I have written has brought you pleasure. I hope those fantasies take you to good places and that you share them with us.

      Caitlin x

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