Time Together At Last

It had been a weekend of frustration, of good behaviour and secret glances and shared fantasies.

When Mat and I finally went to bed together there was a sense of relief, of release.
He was wearing silky panties, had been all day, another secret shared. I wanted him and he me but I had put him under a chastity ban so I had something else in mind.

I got him to wear the strap-on, over the panties, over his increasingly hard cock.
I commanded him to fuck me with it. I lay back on the bed and he knelt between my legs and penetrated me with the dildo.

We were so close, gazing at each other, but I knew the pleasure I was feeling was all mine. With my legs over his hips as he pounded into me I wanked myself to orgasm knowing this pleasure was not his to share, loving his service to me. My delight in this situation was so strong that within a few minutes I managed to repeat the experience.

Tired and sated, I knew it was time to sleep, so my boy got naked. His cock was still hard, and I was delighted to see it. I took some soft rope and tied it around the base looping it around his balls and the shaft a couple of times before pulling it back through his legs. I tugged on it, pulling it tightly against his boy-cunt and felt his cock move in response. Then I settled down, rope held firmly in my hand, to sleep with my bound boy beside me.

Somehow aroused, sleepy and satisfied I drifted off to sleep.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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