HNT – Nearly In The Rigging

RiggingSometimes what happens can only be in our heads.

The weekend was wonderful but frustrating. We were staying with family so that we could all have a day out together. A day by the sea, a day visiting a historic ship.

But when your family doesn’t know that you’re poly (much less about kink) you have to be on your best ‘public’ behaviour all the time. The frustration was made no better by actually being in public.

I would have had my boy kneel at my feet, so I could stroke his hair and hold him. Instead we acknowledged the desire standing as close together as we dared while we had a moment alone.

When we walked onto the deck of the ship together we looked at the expanse of deck in the sunshine. We gazed up at the masts towering above us. We cast envious eyes on the rope, everywhere (everywhere!) about the ship. If I could, I would have had my boy naked in moments, tied him tight to the rigging and flogged him right there on the deck with whatever piece of rope came to hand. Instead I grabbed my camera and took a photo that says something of where our hearts were, of where we wanted to be, of the fantasy that lives inside every waking moment.

I will say that when we finally got home we turned that frustration and fantasy into something real and special but that is another story entirely.

Happy HNT!

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

8 thoughts on “HNT – Nearly In The Rigging”

  1. Hiding our desires and real selves is frustrating, “behaving” as expected is often a chore, but our families and “RL” friends are also an important part of who we are so we must try to keep a balance.
    Very suggestive pic 🙂
    Looking forward to reading the account of your return home *grin*

    1. Plus sometimes keeping the balance leads to more intensity when we can play.
      I wonder if writing up that return home would do it justice. *goes off to try*

      Caitlin xx

  2. Whenever I know I’m going to have to be polite around vanilla company (including some family), I love seeing how sneaky and creative I can be with my submissive. Clothes are a good thing, in this case, because you can put your sub in a karada under their clothes, or a chastity device, or a plug, or a remote-controlled vibe, etc.

    I think one of the things that can definitely suck about having to be secretive in public is knowing that you would be misunderstood or harassed if you were being open about your lifestyle.

    Either way, I’m glad you got to let loose when you got home!

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