I Need To Bring It Home

I’ve been thinking recently about public versus private play and what it means.

I like playing publicly. Taking my Boy out, showing him off (in his pretty panties), whipping him or tying him up. I like the chance to sit and watch other people play, to take in the atmosphere and to get inspiration for my own play.

There are limitations to public play though. The opportunities are limited; at most once or twice a month and if something gets in the way that chance is gone. I also prefer not to do anything too adventurous in public. While our safeword can (and has) been used gracefully to alter a scene, I want to avoid the “No, that doesn’t work” or even the fits of giggles when we discover that what seemed like a hot idea has comic implications.

Private play, for me, is more intimate, less pressured, more rewarding. I can experiment, try new things, relax, say “hold on a minute” while I decide to find some new toy to play with (raiding the kitchen drawer for example) and aftercare can involve our own duvet and the sweetie box without needing to plan for it in advance.

Yet recently it seems like all our play has been public. There are little moments at home of course, his head in my lap, a quick morning caning or simply me using the strap-on on him but it has been a long time since he spent an hour naked at my feet or playing my puppy or even doing any of the several things on my ‘yet to do’ list.

I can find several excuses why not. We’re busy, it’s cold, there are things to do… and yet I came across a post by Ferns recently that got me thinking. It talks about what to do when your submissive says ‘no’ and if I’m honest that’s what stops me initiating play at home, the fear that the response to ‘get naked and sit at my feet’ will be ‘but it’s cold’ or ‘but I’ve got things to do’ or just plain ‘no’.

I mean I know there isn’t time to play all the time and possibly ‘but Mistress you haven’t let me have clothes or get up off my knees for a week now…’ would be a reasonable hint that I should give him a night off but I want him to trust me to let things get to that point (I wouldn’t…probably).

I want to dictate when and how we play because surely that’s the point? Hell, I need it to be the point. I need him to trust me, I need to feel I can ask and get a ‘yes Mistress’ because Ferns is quite clear about what happens if I stop asking.

Soon, she is not dominating him anymore, she is just getting him to do things that she hopes he won’t mind doing. He then wonders what happened to the fearless Domme he used to adore and she wonders what happened to her lovely submissive.

So I’m going to try to play more at home, demand more, experiment more and try harder to be the Domme I want to be. I hope that will give my Boy the space to be the submissive he wants to be too.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “I Need To Bring It Home”

  1. I loved this (and not just because you referenced my post, I promise!). It’s honest and sweet, and I think that little (annoying, niggling) doubt-voice is so common (and hard to admit to).

    I have had times also where I realised it has snuck up on me, and it’s a bit of an ‘oh!’ realisation that I’m not asking him to do things because I am not 100% sure I can trust him to do it. Usually this happens if I have not exercised those muscles for a bit.

    I’m sure it will go wonderfully! Good luck.


    1. I like idea that I “have not exercised those muscles for a bit”, that is just how it feels, slightly achy and uncertain how they will respond.
      Still ‘no pain*, no gain’!

      Caitlin xx

      *not necessarily mine 😉

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