Before The Flight

He had to make a short business trip. He would be away only two nights. His Domme had asked to see him before he left.
“Come by on your way to the airport”, she had told him “with at least an hour to spend with me”.

He turned up promptly as arranged. He was smartly dressed in a grey suit that he found comfortable for travel. His Domme looked at him admiringly, he did look good dressed like that but there was no time to waste.
“Strip” she commanded simply.
He obeyed quickly, folding his clothes neatly as he took them off and leaving them on a small stool on one side of the room.

The lady wasted no time watching the process instead she was already opening a cupboard and selecting a cane from within it. She flicked it lightly through the air as she turned back to him.

Naked and slightly apprehensive he took up the position she commanded. Standing, arms raised stretched against the wall, he took a deep breath.

“Swish” the cane swung and he gasped as his bottom was hit with the full force of the blow.
When his breathing steadied the cane fell again. Each blow fell sharply, a fresh burst of pain he struggled to accept quietly. Finally she expressed satisfaction at her handiwork.

The click of a camera told him his marked posterior had been captured for posterity. As he stood in position, palms still pressed against the wall, she came and showed him the picture on the camera screen.
“Newly marked” she said with delight.
He wondered how comfortably he would sit on the plane today.

“Stay there” she warned him as she moved away and began to search through another drawer. Clearly she had not yet finished with him.

She returned and her hands stroked his bare bottom. then he felt something cool against his ass. He pushed back naturally as her lubed finger slipped inside him. The finger was withdrawn again and he felt a chill as something cold and hard was inserted in its place.

“Something for you to wear for the journey” she told him firmly.
“Now get dressed, you have a plane to catch”.

He arrived at the airport in plenty of time. He hoped to spend some time in the airport lounge before the flight.

Check-in involved a long queue and he was impatient as he strode briskly through the airport. The butt plug nestled inside him, its weight a constant reminder of its presence. He had misgivings as he approached security but he continued on, he had little time to spare now.

He followed the requisite instructions with his hand luggage, emptying keys, phone, small change into a plastic tray and watching as they set off down the conveyor belt.

A pretty blonde in a smart uniform motioned him to walk through the archway and he did so, suddenly nervous.
“Beep”, the alarm went off and he stopped self-consciously.
“If you could remove your belt and shoes” the security guard was polite.

Un-shod and un-cinctured he returned through the archway but was unsurprised when the alarm continued to sound at his presence.

The security guard’s face became more serious “If you could just come with me Sir”.
He was led off to a small room nearby containing nothing but a small table on one side. A dark haired woman stood on one side of the room, her arms folded, watching menacingly.

“If you could just remove your clothes and place them on the table sir, then go and stand on the other side of the room with your hands against the wall”.

He looked at her unbelievingly but you she stood in the doorway looking serious.
“Would you prefer it if I got one of my male colleagues” she asked him.

“Er, no, that’ll be fine”, he muttered hurriedly. This was bad enough already.
Under her watchful gaze he removed his clothes awkwardly. He felt himself flush as he removed his underpants. He turned away quickly towards the far wall grateful at least that he had his back to both the women watching.

He stood against the wall as requested. Suddenly struck by how like this was to where he had stood just a few hours earlier for his Domme to whip him. The colour flooded his face as he remembered the whip marks on his bottom which he realised were clearly on view.

He listened nervously as she scanned the pile of clothing which evidently caused her no concern. He was even more nervous as he heard the sound of rubber gloves being donned.

“I’m going to have to search you now” she told him.
Starting from his arms and shoulders she ran her gloved hands over his skin. Her hands felt warm as they roamed his body. When she stroked his bottom he felt the sting of his welts and he was sure her hands lingered. Then she stopped suddenly.

“What’s this?” she asked but without waiting for an answer she had grasped the base of the butt plug he wore  and pulled it free.

He gasped at the sudden withdrawal.
“Very pretty”, she said admiringly “but I’m not quite finished”.
He gasped again as her gloved fingers plunged into the space so recently vacated. His hips moved pushing back slightly against her hand and he stiffened and blushed as he realised what his body was doing. He hoped she had not noticed but her low chuckle told him she had.

Finally she withdrew her hand. He remained standing unable to move.
“Let me return your property Sir”, she said demurely but he gasped as the butt plug was pushed home with little ceremony. He heard the snapping sound as the gloves were removed.
“You may get dressed now Sir”, she told him warmly, “We’re sorry to have troubled you”.

Aware of his nakedness and horribly aware of his blushing he turned awkwardly from the wall and crossed the room trying not to glance at the women who stood watching him intently. He felt their eyes on him as he donned his clothing, his fingers fumbling unaccountably at his shirt buttons. Finally, jacket slipped back on, he managed to look up at the blonde security guard for a moment.

“May I go?” he asked her quietly. A sudden glance at his watch told him he had little time to spare.
“Certainly Sir” she told him, gesturing him to leave the room.
“You’re running a little late”, she told him, “I’ll escort you to the gate”.
Together they made their way through the terminal until they reached the departure gate. After a quick, quiet word with the air crew she waved him off with a knowing smile.
“Enjoy your flight”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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