Parent’s Evening

I decided to enter a story writing competition. Stories had to be school themed erotica but had, according to the rules, to not contain any ‘illegal acts’. Well I’m not sure what jurisdiction they were considering and I’m not a lawyer but here’s the story I wrote.

Pete’s daughter Sarah had come home from school with a letter. With a deep sigh he read it carefully, parent’s evening had come round again. It wasn’t called parents evening of course; instead the letter explained how it was about having a one to one with your child’s form teacher, getting to know how your child was getting on and discussing the work being done that term. Ever a dutiful parent, he filled in the form requesting an appointment and slipped it back into his daughter’s book bag.

Pete genuinely believed he was a dutiful parent. He never missed a parent’s evening, whatever they called them, and made time to attend the Christmas carol concert and summer sports day. The rest of the time though he found it hard to give as much time to his daughter as she needed. He worked long hours and was grateful for childcare that took much of the daily school run from him.
When he picked his daughter up in the evenings she was tired and tumbled swiftly into bed giving him little insight into her day to day world.
Communication with the school was largely through a series of notes found in her school bag like the one assigning him his appointment with Miss Goldstern, Sarah’s teacher.

When the appointed day arrived; as might have been expected work was chaotic and busy. The phone kept ringing and meetings overran, leaving him making hasty excuses and packing up frantically in order to attend his appointment. He drove, a little too fast, to the school. He parked impatiently and hurried in to look for his daughter’s classroom. He wandered along the corridor, looking at the name on each door and in some cases peering in to see teachers waiting or parents dutifully examining the artwork pinned to the walls.

He was relieved when a sign on the next door proclaimed “Miss Goldstern” and he pushed open the door and went in. He stopped immediately. A long haired brunette was sitting on a table swinging her feet impatiently. She wore a tight jumper and an even tighter skirt both in a dazzling shade of blue. Her slim legs were encased in shiny black boots that laced to her knees. He frantically tried to prevent his jaw falling open in stunned amazement.
“Mr Martin?” she asked imperiously, “you’re late”.
“I’m very sorry”, he stammered, “I got held up at work and…” he trailed off guiltily in the face of her disapproving stare.
“So, poor timekeeping, lack of discipline, not to mention a complete lack of interest in your daughter’s progress.”
Pete shifted guiltily from foot to foot, “I do take an interest, honestly…” Miss Goldstern’s expression forced him back to silence.
“Have you seen any of your daughter’s homework this term?” she continued, “no, don’t bother making excuses; I know that you haven’t”. Her hands were on her hips now
“And clearly you haven’t paid any attention to her school work at all. This attitude is simply not good enough. I will not tolerate it in any of my parents.”
“I’m sorry, Miss Goldstern” he looked down abashed.

“We will deal with this behaviour now,” Miss Goldstern reached out and took a ruler from a pot on a nearby table.
“Drop your trousers and bend over”, the ruler waved threateningly.
Pete felt his cheeks flushing red but his hand went to his belt and he unbuckled it with clumsy fingers. Trembling, he unfastened his flies.
“Now”, the teacher insisted, her hands grabbing the fabric at his thighs and yanking the trousers down to lie around his knees. She placed a hand on his back and pushed his torso down. Pete bent over obediently, almost grateful that he no longer had to meet her disdainful stare.

Her hands were at his hips again now, pulling his underpants down in one easy movement. Pete’s cock bounced free glad to be released from the confining fabric. It swelled further as Miss Goldstern’s hand gently stroked his naked bottom for a moment.

The ruler fell suddenly and Pete jerked in surprise at the pain.
She began to rain a furious series of blows across his cheeks until they were glowing red and each blow was met with a muffled yelp. When she was satisfied and when Pete’s bottom felt like it was on fire she dropped the ruler neatly back in its pot.
“Stand up” she commanded. Pete straightened slowly, his face as red as his bottom, acutely aware that his cock was independently obeying that instruction too.
Miss Goldstern’s eyes raked over him slowly, lingering at his crotch, until he squirmed with shame. Then her green eyes rose to his and he couldn’t look away.
“It seems this lesson is not yet over” she told him sternly.

“Kneel”, she instructed him.
He did so awkwardly struggling with his trousers and underpants around his thighs but not daring to cover himself. Miss Goldstern stood in front of him. He looked up at her, mesmerised by her eyes.

“Now, stroke that cock of yours, Mr Martin, show me what a good boy you can be if you try”.
His hand went too eagerly to his erection and he began to wank it eagerly. Miss Goldstern moved closer and he tilted his head back to watch her as he frantically fingered his cock.
Suddenly with a groan, he shot spunk across the floor. He bent forward, shaking slightly in the aftermath of pleasure, looking at the trail of cum across the shiny black boots in front of him. “Naughty boy. You’ve made a mess”, the teacher reproved him, “lick it up now”.
He bent forward obediently and his tongue reached out to taste his spunk as he licked it from the teacher’s shiny boots. He licked and swallowed until they were clean and then remained motionless, bent over on all fours as if in silent worship.

“Get up, pull your trousers up” Miss Goldstern brought him back to the moment.
He did as he was told, struggling to look her in the eye as he did so.
“Now, I hope you will do better in future Mr Martin but should I feel your standard of parenting is not up to standards in future I will summon you to see me again. I hope I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Miss Goldstern” his head bobbed quickly.
“Good”, she said with satisfaction. “You may go”.

She watched as he walked to the classroom door and let himself out into the corridor. She smiled as he looked uncertainly back towards her before closing the door behind him.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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