I’m Proud Of My Boy

Have you ever had someone say something to you that you didn’t know how to respond to? Have you ever been silent because there didn’t seem to be words to express how you feel? Have you ever realised later that perhaps you should have spoken up?

Mat and I were at a play party, our first for far too long. I was delighted to be out with him and had dressed him in some leopard print panties and matching hold ups. He looked sexy, slutty and, well, like a boy whore in the best way. The stockings were striking and had been immediately admired and I was delighted with how he looked on every level.

Then another Domme commented on them, saying ‘you shouldn’t have given him such nice matching stockings that’s not nearly humiliating enough’.

Really? Who was she to comment on his level of humiliation? She could not know whether his outfit was a trial or a treat. Nor could she know what effect I wanted to cause him with his attire. The comment had startled me and I didn’t really know what to say.

Later on in the evening she commented again saying he ‘didn’t deserve such nice stockings with his legs’. This time tact kept me silent, not offended enough to lose my desire not to cause offence in turn. Yet I was offended. Who was she to put down my boy, to insult my submissive?

Still, I had seen her at play with her own submissive. Listened to her verbally abuse and belittle him. That was their style of D/s, their choice.
It is not mine.

My boy was beautiful. His outfit chosen to bring out his slutty submissive side. To show off his legs (which are very attractive) and highlight his male beauty with a feminine contrast. He had every right to be proud of how he looked, of who he was and I in my turn was inordinately proud of him in every way.

I didn’t want to cause offence and I know I can be tactless when I feel defensive and I didn’t want to make anyone feel like I was criticising their relationship style or choices. Yet I wish I had spoken out. I wish I had known how, tactfully, to ask her not to speak of my boy in such a way. He deserves respect and he was under my protection. He deserved better from me.

Mat was everything I could have wished for that night. He was beautiful and slutty and obedient. He was fun and caring and passionate. He was everything I wanted.
He can be proud of who and what he is.
I know I am.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

5 thoughts on “I’m Proud Of My Boy”

  1. Doesn’t if feel odd when such a closed and critical mind is encountered in what should be such an open situation? Fetish is all about letting go and feeling safe to express our desires, not having to be exactly the same as someone else is one of the things that I admire about the Fetish lifestyle.
    You made a choice to maintain your composure and tact, good for you. I probably would have just smacked her, submissive or not 🙂
    Both of your writings (you and Mat) show wonderfully how you compliment and please each other. You both have every right to be proud and obviously what you do works for you, the other Domme was horribly disrespectful.
    While we all often look back on such situations and wish we’d had some cutting remark to return, in truth it would have probably marred your night together, instead of being a fleeting moment of annoyance, it might have turned into a night of regret.
    Kudos to you for having such control.

    1. Thank you for suggesting I did the right thing by staying silent. I struggle with such situations and my defensiveness of my Boy left me with a sense that a ‘true’ Domme would have managed better, so thanks for making me feel that I did ok. 🙂

      I think it would be unfair to describe the other Domme as ‘close minded’. She was probably after all, like me, enjoying the chance to give her domme-ly side open expression and that’s a joy that I would never deny anyone.

      Caitlin xx

  2. Well, you could have told her that he looked exactly as you wanted him to look and that you are proud of him. – But, of course this is easy to say in hindsight. – I, too, have difficulty finding the right words/saying anything at all in similar situation.
    I think, the main thing is that you showed and told Mat how proud you were of him. – Let the other woman talk. She was probably just envious.

    1. Yes, I’m a master of imaginary conversations but rubbish at real ones. I’ll go on thinking she was envious, Mat’s pretty special after all. 🙂

      Caitlin xx

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