A Home Visit

Started in: New Boy At School
Continued from: Coffee With A Colleague

Paul and Emily parted company in the staff car park, by an almost unspoken agreement coffee was postponed. Paul wondered if it was actually cancelled, after what she had seen, he blushed at the memory, he was sure she wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him again.

Paul went home, he took a long, steamy shower and got into comfy clothes. He lounged on the sofa and replayed the scene in the headmistress’ office. The whipping, being forced to make himself come in front of both her and Emily. He shuddered with shame but his trousers were tented with an opinion of their own.

When his phone rang he jumped. He had already answered it when he saw that the number was Emily’s.
“Hello, Paul?” a hint of nervousness in her voice.
“Speaking”, he sounded curt, he didn’t know what she wanted.
“I didn’t want to leave things like that…” she started, “I didn’t mind…” she trailed off again before trying again, “Can I come over?”
A moments pause, a decision hanging in the balance, he hesitated before speaking.
“Yes, come over”, suddenly he relaxed, “I’ll put the kettle on”.

When he opened the door to her, she smiled warmly and he found himself smiling in return. He liked this warm woman and was glad she seemed to like him too. Soon they were seated in his small lounge with a cup of coffee each. They nursed their cups closely as if for protection. Conversation had waited while they made drinks, as if by mutual agreement, but now they sat back for a moment and exchanged glances.
“So…” “Well…” they began together.
“After you”, Paul demurred politely. Emily took a deep breath and began again.
“I saw how much you loved Miss Thompson treating you like that”, she blushed as she said it but there was an eagerness in her voice. Paul’s gaze dropped but he remained silent.
“I’ve been thinking about it, about you”, she continued her voice growing fainter, “I liked it too”.
“Liked what?” Paul felt a thrill of uncertainty go through him. Emily tossed her head back, shaking her hair away from her face. “Watching you, watching you cum, watching you being spanked…spanking you”, a hint of defiance in her face.
“Can I spank you Paul?” she asked him directly. He looked at her startled. Did she really want to spank him? Why was he even considering letting her?

He reached over and put his coffee cup down on the nearby coffee table and she, still regarding him, did likewise. He stood up nervously but she patted her lap, still sitting on his sofa.
“Here I think”, she told him. He attempted to lie across her knees awkwardly, and she encouraged him to move until he was lying along the sofa over her lap.
“I’m not too heavy, am I?” he asked concerned.
“No, no you’re not” she assured him. Her hand stroked his bottom for a moment then she delivered a sharp slap to it and another before pausing. Paul lay still not wanting to disturb whatever strange spell was in progress.

“I think you should have a bare bottom” Emily’s voice seemed oddly distant now. Obediently he manoeuvred his hands under him to unfasten his trousers and awkwardly managed to push them and his underpants down to his thighs. He let his nakedness rest once more on the girl’s lap and closed his eyes. One stinging slap was delivered.
“Oh yes, that’s much better”, her eager excitement sounded more like a schoolgirl than a schoolteacher. She continued her spanking, mostly gently, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly as she experimented with this new pleasure. Paul’s bottom wriggled and squirmed, he gasped at the sudden strokes and lay still and happy as she laid her hand on him again and again.

“Your bottom’s all red” she exclaimed delightedly at last, “but my hand is sore now. I should have used your belt or something. Still maybe next time” she trailed off happily.
“Oh, you can get up now” she added as Paul still hadn’t moved. He knelt up reluctantly, sorry to lose the physical contact with Miss Smith and slightly embarrassed by the erection he couldn’t hide from her. She smiled as she saw him kneeling there on the sofa. His eyes were fixed on her as he tugged his underpants and trousers back up and fastened them in place.
“I think you liked that” Emily teased with a smile. Paul blushed, ”
I like that you spanked me” he admitted. Emily’s smile grew even wider but she got up and moved towards the door.

“I must go” she sighed regretfully, “I have marking to do tonight”. Paul stood up and moved close to her. “Will you come back and spank me again soon?” he asked quietly.
“Tomorrow?” she suggested mischievously but Paul’s eager nod and smile told her that would be a welcome return. He showed her to the door and they stood by it reluctant to part.
“See you at school” Emily said quietly. Paul nodded again but then impulse overcame him and he flung his arms around the slender girl and pressed his lips to hers. In a moment her lips parted and she responded eagerly to his kiss. Eventually, breathlessly, they looked at each other for a long moment.
“Tomorrow” Paul affirmed as Emily turned and walked away. He watched her until she was out of sight and then closed the door softly a tremulous smile hovering on his lips.
He had no idea what tomorrow might bring but he had a feeling it was going to be interesting.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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