Enjoying Anticipation

Christmas day is over (although the twelve days of Christmas are still young) and I’m curled up thinking about how much fun it all was.

We instigated an Advent caning, starting with one stroke and counting up to twenty-four. I had thought that might prove difficult to sustain but my boy lay down willingly each day when I asked, allowing me to hurt him. Those special few minutes every day just added to the anticipation of Christmas. That’s a tradition I’d like to keep.

My Christmas day was loving, sexy, fun and joyful. There wasn’t enough time to do everything I would have liked and my current state of tiredness and continual coughing didn’t help either but I had a wonderful day and I feel loved and secure enough to know that there will be other days to play in.

So now I’m thinking about what sexy fun we can have next. Certainly I have fantasies that involve more public fun. Taking my boy out and exhibiting him, having him used publicly, are all things which would delight me (and him) but until I find people who actually and actively want to be part of such a fantasy such things are inherently limited by imagination.

The fantasies that really draw me today though are the private ones. Mat and I alone, with time and space to play. Imagining going through my day knowing that there is playtime ahead, planning (some of) what I will do to him. Ensuring he spends the day anticipating, imagining but uncertain of what will be required of him.

Then, finally, getting him naked. Hurting him, music playing, all my toys spread out for me to choose from. Raping him, putting him on his back and fucking him like a girl until he whimpers. Tying him, so that he lies bound and helpless next to me. Holding him, knowing that we have as long as we need to be together, to enjoy being ourselves. Finally sleeping next to him, holding his lead in my hand, knowing he is my Boy.

Yes, I’m looking forward to such a day.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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