Providing A Public Convenience

It is a sunny afternoon. The garden is full of people, standing around in groups talking and drinking. The party is in full swing. People move back and forth merrily between the drinks table set up against the house and the long lawn with flower beds along each edge.

At the far end of the garden in the shadow of the slightly overgrown hedge kneels a naked man. He kneels back on his heels, hands held behind his back, head bowed. He is unbound. He has been ordered to remain here by his Domme who is hosting the party and so he does. Beside him a hand written sign attached to a stake in the ground reads “Public Convenience”.

A group of people near to the end of the garden are laughing and talking. One man passes his half empty glass to a friend to hold and turns away towards the top of the garden. He walks to the hedge standing before the kneeling man. He unzips his flies and pulls out his cock. Sighing slightly with relief he lets himself go and a stream of piss jets over the unfortunate before him. He jerks slightly as the warm liquid covers his chest but he keeps his head down.
The man returns to his friends and reclaims his drink. With a smile the patient holder passes both their drinks over and starts making his way to the top of the garden.

With careful aim he relieves himself, shooting a jet of urine over the kneeling submissive’s hair and face. He closes his eyes against the stinging liquid and smells the pungent aroma as it washes over him. He does not open them as the man walks away back to the party and his friends.
The man remains motionless, obedient and shamed. He is a convenience, a target, a source of entertainment. He is there to be used and abused. He waits until he is needed, eyes closed, submissive and patient.

“Head back”, a woman’s voice startles him out of his reverie.
He opens his eyes in surprise and tilts his head back obediently to look up at her. She is beautiful, wearing a short silky dress with a wicked smile.
“Open your mouth and lean further back” she instructs and he leans further back, lips parted and chin tilted upwards.
She walks behind him and steps over his arched body until her cunt is over his face. She isn’t wearing panties. Without warning a warm stream of liquid jets into his open mouth. The taste is strong, salty and musky. He is forced reluctantly to close his eyes as he feels the warmth flow over his face and body.

When the flow stops he opens his eyes again, blinking hard and looking up at her.
“Lick me clean” she commands and he raises himself up to lick and taste her thoroughly. He feels her tremble in response to his services. Then suddenly she steps away leaving only the taste of her on his tongue. She readjusts her dress and walks away.

As he shivers yet again he hears a voice in the distance; his Domme’s voice calling the guests inside. Food is ready for them.
When the garden is empty he hears her call again.
“Come here. On your knees”.
Obediently he crawls slowly down the garden on his hands and knees not raising his head. He feels cold, wet, dirty and used.
“Dirty slut”, yet she looks down at her submissive boy with a slight smile. Then she looks stern again,
“You’re a mess; go inside and get cleaned up at once. You have other services to perform tonight”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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