Sleepless Nights

I awoke in the night.
I lay in bed wanting to slip back into sleep but as the minutes passed sleep moved further away.
My mind wandered to thoughts of my bitch, on his knees, bent over, while I pounded him with my big blue cock.
The physical desire was intense.  My boy however was far away, such a desire unmeetable, so I had to content myself with imagination. With slipping my mind as far into the fantasy as I was able. I let him know what I was thinking via text before I settled down to try and get back to sleep; a restless sleep full of frustrated dreams.

The next night I snuggled down in Mat’s bed long before he was ready to go to sleep. He came and curled up next to me for a little but he seemed reluctant to be intimate and I didn’t want to push him. He went back to his activities and I drifted off gently into sleep.

As is common for us, as I drifted back towards wakefulness at the end of a sleep cycle he finally came to bed. He lay down next to me and guided my hand over his naked, smooth body. Freshly shaved, I knew what that implied and I instantly wanted him.
I jokingly accused him of teasing (I didn’t mean it to remain a tease) and he denied it.
“If I was teasing I’d push my cunt out at you.” he purred, suiting the action to the words.
I reached out to stroke the inviting curve of his bottom but he pulled away.
“You have to sleep” he told me, “you have to get up for work”. Desire warred with rationality and reluctantly I lay still and tried to sleep. As I lay there listening to his breathing deepen my tension increased. The craving to take him growing stronger with every slow second. I remembered another time this desire had filled me and how I had needed to wear my strap-on and make it part of me before I could rest. I sat up in bed wide awake, watching Mat sleep  and wondering if merely wearing it would be enough.

I had reached the point when sleep was impossible. I got out of bed and pulled open the drawer where it lay.
Mat heard the noise and rolled over muttering about my needing to sleep as he did so. He was lying on his side now, his bottom turned towards me. As I strapped on my dildo I knew I had to fuck him, only that would calm my sleepless excitement.

As I threw back the duvet and positioned my cock against him he was still protesting and then, between heartbeats, as I pushed against him he moaned in eager acceptance. Suddenly he was all slut and I was keen to have him. I slid inside him and we were both lost in the moment. Here was my boy, my bitch, moaning and whimpering under me with eager acceptance. I pressed deep into him with gasps of pleasure.

Later, a pause for breath and I slid out of him. I swapped dildos now to wear the blue one; so much larger than the other. Mat knelt on the bed, head lowered, arms stretched out in front of him. A sight so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I heard him gasp as I pushed my way into him, pounding his cunt and hearing his tiny cries rise steadily in pitch.
This was my boy. His cunt mine to plunder whenever I please and I was pleased.

At last, sated, I stopped. Our relationship sealed, I settled down to sleep.
A sweet, dreamless sleep. Sleeping soundly until just before it was time to wake. The perfect, refreshing sleep of a happy Domme.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

6 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights”

  1. I love this, Caitlin. I’ve been trying to talk my honey-bunny into strapping one on and making me her bitch. I don’t know why, but I want it. Some day…

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